We went to the marriage counselor a few times. It was once a week meetings and I really thought they were a waste of time. All this guy wanted us to do was work on things that were supposed to make my former wife happy.

     The whole reason I had an affair was because I needed something else, some kind of spice in my life, I felt bored with her and neglected. These meetings were, to me, not what I had expected. But we went anyway.

     After about 6 weeks we were finished going. She realized they were not doing anything. Then our marriage really took a turn.

     My former wife began going out with my best friend’s wife. It just so happened that they, too, were going through a divorce. She apparently wanted to get rid of him. My wife at the time and I both agreed that this was a terrible thing she was doing to him, but also knew it was best for him because he deserved better.

     So my buddy and I started hanging out with all of our kids at either one of our houses while our former wives went out to the bar. We all had a good time. We all looked forward to the weekends because we managed to make little parties out of the times we were spending together while the women were out barhopping.

     This lasted for a few months. One particular late night, I recieved a phone call from my wife at the time saying she was too drunk to drive home. They used to go to a club an hour from our house. She said she was going to get a room for the night and that they would be home in the morning.

     I thought nothing of it. My buddy, upon me telling the news, gave me a funny face. He said that this sounds fishy. I didn’t believe him, though. I took what she told at face value.

     Then the next morning came and went, she did not come home. I called her cell over and over all day the next day, trying to see if she was ok. This was not like her to not call or even not be home when she said she would.

     That day came and went. I did not hear a word, nor did my friend hear from his wife. We were a little worried something may have happened to them. I tried calling the hotel where they said they were going to be, but the front desk said nobody by those names ever checked in.

     Now, my buddy and I knew from past stories of their barhopping that they used fake names in case they were approached by anyone. The hotel didn’t have anyone by those names either.

      She ended up calling me before I had to leave to go to work on Monday telling me she was on her way home. I was irate at this and yelled at her for not even calling me to tell me she was okay.

     This habit she formed of leaving on Thursday or Friday nights to go to the clubs and not call or come home until early Monday mornings became the norm. I was always irate at her for this. I never did get used to this and it used to really make me feel like garbage, worn down.

     My friend and I kept the kid parties going on these weekends with the former wives gone, but it took a toll on all of us.


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