As I attended Ferris State University, my dad had made arrangements with a friend of his to get me a job for the summer. This was unbeknownst to me. My plan was to finish up my first year of college and get home, take a break for a while from responsibilities, then maybe go find a job.

     My dad had other plans for me.

     When the last semester ended, my mom and stepfather came to pick me and all my belongings up from school. I made prior arrangements with them for this to happen and also made plans on staying with them while I “took a vacation” from life.

     It took 3 days into this great plan when my dad called and asked me when, exactly, it was that I was planning on coming home.  I told him some bullshit story that he saw right through. Plus he got irritated. I had lived with him before I left for school, I came home to his house on breaks, and now he wanted my ass back at his house because he was not about to let me live with my mom if he was paying for my college tuition.

     Plus, like I said, he had other plans for me.

     I left my mom’s house the next day to get back home to my dad’s. After I got all settled in, he told me he wanted me to get a job, and be working, by the end of the week. He explained to me that if I wanted to keep going to Ferris, I needed to make some money to lessen the burden on him and his finances. He also mentioned that if I didn’t make the attempt to help him out, that I would be going to some local college.

     THE HELL WITH THAT!!!! Going away to school was way too cool. I wasn’t going to some “loser” college. Needless to say, that lit the fire under my ass and I got a job and started that job the next day.


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