The secrets of my former wife’s whereabouts would come to an end one night as I had been suspicious long enough. I had asked one of her close friends what was going on. She was loyal to her friend and did not tell me where she was going or doing.

     This close friend of my former wife did, however, tell me that it was time I give up on trying to figure her out because women are very sneaky, and devious. I agreed with her during one of our late night phone calls.

     I have to give this woman all the credit in the world. She was, and still is, a very good friend of my former wife. She protected her secrets with her life, never giving in to my begging and pleading and bribing for information. She was also kind of a good friend to me, giving me strenght and telling me straight forward how it was and how it was going to be. She stayed on the fence and never got involved in me and my former wife’s messy relationship.

     I was sneaking around late one lonely night after the kids had gone to bed. I was on the phone with my best friend telling him I was going to find something on her. I knew that if there was something going on, a piece of proof was in the house. I expected to find a piece of paper with a guy’s phone number on it or maybe an odd piece of… anything!

     I was in the closet, on the phone, and I realized the only place I had not rummaged through was her piles of empty shoe boxes on the top shelf. I had been through dressers, pockets of clothes, her hope chest, inside the pillow cases, between the mattresses, under the bed, all through the spare bedroom and all it’s nooks and crannies.

     But the idea of the shoe boxes!! It was like a light went off in my head. If nothing was in those boxes, I was going to end my search and assume she was not doing anything.

     It was in the third box that I found the treasure I had been searching for, and it was a goldmine as far as proof of what the hell she was doing these past few months.

     I opened the box and immediately on top was a wilting red rose. Then pictures. Pictures of her with people. I looked through the pictures several times, each time through looking slower than the previous, until I began to see the same guy in all of them.

     I had felt as though my guts were torn out from inside me. Never had I thought this marriage would come to this.


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