This marriage I was in with my first wife was something that started out as innocent and fun and and harmless. The way it would end…you never would have seen coming.

     When I had the affair, I really thought that there was no way we would ever get divorced. I though that she would be mad at me for a long time. I thought that I could fix my wrong doings and our lives and marriage would move on. But the way it was ending kind of caught me off guard.

     I did confront her on the pictures. She was surprised I found them. She said she never thought that I would find them. We really didn’t argue too much about what I had found. I realized that I had been paid back for what I had done to her. She had every right to do what she did and what she was doing.

     We never really fought anymore from that night on. I had my moments of anger at her, and she at me, but it was obvious that the marriage and the emotions between us were over.

     I lived under the same roof with her for another 6 months or so then I moved out to an apartment in the same town so I could be close to my daughters.

     Telling our daughters that their mom and dad were going to get a divorce was probably the hardest thing I had ever done in my entire life. We all cried. But my former wife and I had decided that we were doing the right thing. The marriage was over and there was nothing we could do about it.

     I had made a personal promise to myself and to my soul that I would be the absolute best father in the world to my daughters that I could be. I wanted to go above and beyond what a father should be. I wanted to be close to them both emotionally and in proximity of living arrangements. I wanted to be in their everday lives and I wanted to continue to help raise them into good, respectable young women and I wanted to be there financially also.

     I can honestly say that for the past 6 years after divorcing their mother, that I have lived up to the expectations I had placed upon myself. I get along with and work with their mother when things arise for the girls. Their mom and I do not fight about things, we just do what we need to do to raise good kids. It’s easy to do the right thing because of the love I have for my daughters.

     Shortly after moving out and into my apartment, I would go on to meet my second wife at a soccer game both our kids happened to be playing each other at. The meeting seemed to happen kind of low key and quietly, but this woman would turn out to be a nasty beast in the end!

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