I had dated my second wife, (gag), for 7 months before we got married. For those of you keeping track, I got married 5 months after I got divorced from my first wife. Dumb? In hindsight? Yes, because I ignored all the warning signs and ran all the symbolic red lights.

     We never really got along. We were like oil and water. I was a calm, quiet, keep to myself kind of guy. She was very outgoing, looking for the spotlight, wanting constant attention and manipulating situations so she could be the main focus.

     From the moment I met her, it was a sob story. Her ex beat her up. You know what? After being with her for the 4 long years I was with her, (he was with her for 9) I totally understand why. I am not saying that beating up women is right, just beating up THIS woman was.

     She was very controlling. She had mental games she played with the people around her, including her kids. She spent money like it was going out of style.

     If she did not have money, she would apply for a credit card and run that one up! When I came along, I felt kind of sorry for her not being able to pay her house payments. This was the way I was swept in and once I was was in, I could not get out.

     She had no job. She was going to school, still, and was working part time at some half-ass place in the field she was going to school for. Since her boyfriend left, I felt sorry for her. She said she may lose her house. Her boyfriend’s name was not on the house, BUT HIS DAD’S WAS!! It wasn’t even his damn dad!! It was his stepdad!! She played them like a fiddle! She was supposed to get married to this dude, but she could not get used to his drug use.

     But his daddy had money, so she kept him around for the loot and the gifts and the house. If your blown away by this, I have tons and tons of these stories.

     This chick does not have regular, circular pupils in her eyes. The are in the shape of “$” if you look real close and hear what she says. Money is what keeps this beast rolling.

     So as I felt sorry for her, I offered to pay her mortgage payment one particular month. Then I payed it again, then I charged one payment to my credit card. Wrong move. Somewhere in here she decided I was worthy to keep because I must be wealthy. I had a good job, I had excellent credit, and I was driving a really nice truck. I had a target on my back and did not know it…yet.

     In the meantime as I am paying these payments, we get more serious. I start thinking financially. Why am I in an apartment paying rent and paying her mortgage? She offered me to move in. it made sense. So I did.

     My daughters didn’t really know what to make of this situation. But they accepted it. I was glad that part of it went easy.

     Shortly after  I was in with her, we began to talk more in-depth about things and experiences. I recall a conversation about past boyfriends of hers. She talked all about the great sex she has had. About how big this dude was and how small this dude was.

     I am a pretty private guy. I did not wanna hear this crap. This is just an example of how open she was. It was ridiculous. But it was just one of the many things I swept under the rug and let fester until the day I could not take it anymore.

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