If you are reading this blog and begin to think to yourself that I am a bitter person toward my second wife, you are absolutely, 100% INCORRECT!! I should never have gotten involved with a creature and beast of that nature.

     I am just going to tell stories, that I think are funny now, but were not funny back then. I am going to tell how that chick ruined my life. She destroyed my credit, she destroyed my well-being, she tried to control me, she tried to destroy my relationship with my daughters, she made me PURPOSELY fight with my kids’ mom just so she could feel good about herself because she felt that my girls’ mom was a threat to her.

     It was total ridicularity (my made up word) for 4 years starting in 2002 and ending exactly, to the month, in 2006. I saw her fight with her best friend and they would not talk to each other because this beast was so hard-headed. She had everyone wrapped around her claw… I mean finger! But I refused to be one of them. I usually fought back until there was just no sense in fighting anymore.

     Like I said in the pervious post, I paid her mortgage payments. This lead to me running up my credit card bill. I could only work so many hours of overtime and it was not enough to pay things off. When we got engaged, we planned a Hawaii wedding. We went to Hawaii, paid for ALL of that on good ole reliable Visa! That was the end of that card. Put it in the drawer because it’s maxed out.

     Everything she wanted had to be the best! If it wasn’t, then it wasn’t worth having or doing. This is where it gets really comical. But again, not at the time.

     Right after we got married, she found a house she just had to have. I admit, we needed a bigger house than the one she had because of our kids. I was all for getting a new place. But what she found was ridiculous!

     It was $250,000 of pure brick, and wooden HELL!! I told her from the beginning that I did not want this place. It was to expensive. She hardly worked and I could not afford it with what I made. But nooo! This beast needed this new cave in which to dwell and see her young beastlets grow.

     So we went to a bank to see if we could get a mortgage. He said it would not be possible, for various reasons, including the ones I just stated. So she gets all mad and in a huff.

     The next thing I know is she is crying to her parents about not being able to get this loan. As they are listening to her story, they show no emotion but are willing to help out. I ask that they don’t. I tell them that we really can’t afford those kind of payments anyway.

     A week later, her dad informs us he has opened a new credit card and is willing to loan us $20,000 to use as a down payment so we can get the house. I get him alone in the house, without his spoiled brat of a daughter, and without his leather bag of a wife in the room, and I explain to him that we can’t take his money.

     He says he is not giving us the money, it’s a loan. He wants us to pay him back!

     Pay him back?!?!? With what??? I explain to him that what he thinks we can do is make these house payments AND pay off a personal loan to him? He says he thinks it can be done.

     Then why in the hell didn’t we just go to him first since he seems to know so much about our earnings and expenses and what we can and can’t afford?? I didn’t realize he ran the Redneck Bank and Trust, Savings and Loan of Michigan from his basement bar! Silly me!!


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