Shortly after we moved into that cave of a house, things really began to change with the way I was feeling. I had felt like I was in a trap that I did not know how to get out of.

     I became very quiet, I had developed a rebellious attitude where I purposely did things I knew would piss my beast of a wife off, and I longed for freedom. I used to daydream and envision the situation I was in was a dream. When I snapped out of the daydream, I realized I was still in hell.

     I had made a bunch of mistakes and wrong turns and wrong decisions that brought me to where I was at that time in my life. I always was thinking of ways to get out. I had ideas, but I also felt that there was no way I would end up divorced again. So it became an inner struggle.

     This second wife always had manipulated situations to work out in her or her kids’ favor. I and my kids would get the short end of the stick. She always played the card of her kids’ daddies were useless and her kids would never go without. Mine? Shafted. And I could not do anything about it. She had control.

     There was also the mental abuse she inflicted upon my kids. She made me fight with their mother over stupid things that we would normally never even discuss. It got to the point where their mom took me to court a few times because she felt our kids were in danger in my and my beastly wife’s presence.

     Luckily I won. But did I? I started to have visitations outside the home. I took my kids to eat at places just to see them. My beast of a wife liked this situation also, because it meant she would not have to see them and that I would be home more often.

     This situation passed and I was able to bring them home again, but it sucked. There was always constant tension. She always made biting remarks about their mom which fed into their hatred of her. Of course these remarks went straight home with them and I would have to defend what happened. Luckily, my kids mother knew better.

     It was later discussed between us that she hated this beastly wife I married. She told me she knew we would not stay together long. She saw that the personalities clashed. I am glad to have made it out of that second marriage with my relationship with my kids still strong and intact.

     These stories can go on and on. There are also the stories of going to the bar with her.

     Again, I found out later on that the second beastly wife was a total slut. She had told me she wasn’t, but once I found out the truth, it all made sense.

     Like how she slept with half the men in the town bar. Which is the reason why we needed to go there alot so she could show off to them that she got married. I could almost say I was a trophy husband to her. But you know what? She was my trophy wife! A LAST PLACE TROPHY!!! The kind given out to people who at least tried! (if this sounds dumb, it sounded funny in my head)

     But I was fed a line of lies from her over a lot of subjects. Supposedly someone tried raping her some particular night in the past. She wanted me to get mad at the guy, but I couldn’t. At that point I felt she was trying to fabricate some false stories to get me to feed her sympathy. I didn’t. So we fought about how insensitive I was. Whatever.

     Later found out she wasn’t almost raped. She was just full of shit.


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