My marriage to the beastly second wife was miserable, if you didn’t pick up on that already. I could not even take a crap without first having to sign a waiver explaining my whereabouts for the next several minutes.

     I slaved around that house to make it just right for her because hell would rain on me if I didn’t. She had an image to uphold to her friends and family.

     Speaking of her family, the extended part, that is, were a half-way decent bunch. I just happened to pull the short straw and get the crap of the litters. I had a wife who was not worth much, a waste of skin and oxygen, and her immediate family, who were just as messed up in the head as she was.

     I realized that up until the day I met her, I had a pretty good life. Yeah, I messed up a few things here and there along the way, but I had pretty good luck. At some point my luck ran out, and it stayed out. I could not get into a good groove for nothing! Everything I did and touched turned to crap, and it had alot to do with the hairy monster on my arm at the time.

     Her extended family were simple people. They didn’t need luxurious things, they were happy just the way they were. Her one cousin married into money, though. I believe, to this day, that she was the role model for my greedy exwife.

     That cousin had a nice big house, nice cars, etc. etc. My beastly wife wanted to show she could the same. She spent money we didn’t even have to do it, too.

     We had this cave of a house, I had a nice pickup, from before I met her, and I had leased her a brand new Durango. We were strapped! And it got worse.

     Her idea of a good time, for a while, was to go to the casinos in Detroit and spend money on playing Roulette. I don’t know who she thought she was, and believe me, I fought this everytime she wanted go, but she had illusions of hitting it big and paying some bills off!!

     You guessed it! She KNEW we were broke. She KNEW we had no money, and the money we barely DID have, got thrown on a table hoping to get more of what we should have kept. It was ridiculous.

     Again, more bragging on her part, to her friends that we went to the casino. It was all image with no foundation, nothing to support our lifestyle.

     That Durango, by the way, would get ruined a couple months before our marriage ended. She drove it ALL the time. She put gas into it. She decorated it with some stupid stickers. It was her truck. But she forgot one tiny, easy thing. Oil change.

     The engine blew one particular morning on her way to work. I tried frantically to pour as much oil into it to save the engine, but it was no use. It made horrible noises and it was ruined.

     This was the last straw for me. It was her neglect to everything, her not caring and an attitude that if something gets broke, buy a new one. Well it wasn’t going to work on a lease. We still owed money on it.

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