A year before the final seperating and then divorcing for good, the beastly wife and I had gotten into an all out argument.

     We fought about how I was always mad too much about things, and how she was tired of hearing about it all. I fought her back with how controlling she was and how broke we were because of her greediness and I also threw in how her parents did a terrible job of raising her.

     She always had something to say about my parents, about how i didn’t get along with my mom and she even ripped into me about my sister, my daughters, and their mom. She was constantly threatened by my relationships with other females.

     So my saying things about her parents was my way of getting back at her. See, we fought tooth and nail. To this day, I wish I had never learned how to do fight so aggressively. But it was a way for me to “survive” and not get pushed around by her. It took me a couple years to learn and even longer to unlearn this.

     So one particular morning I had decided that I would leave her. I got up, went about my daily routine and then went house, flat, apartment, whatever hunting, for somewhere to rent. I actually did find a place and I had made sure I brought home the paperwork to tell her I was serious about this marriage coming to an end.

     Her timing with a phone call to me just as I was walking out of the office of a house I was interested in, could not have been better. She asked me where I was and I told her. She didn’t believe me.

     I got home and put the fliers on the kitchen counter and told her I was moving out. She cried and played the guilt game with me. She told me how she would change and how sorry she was and all the rest of the lines people say when they are trying to save a relationship.

     She convinced me to stay and see how she would change. That very night, she blew up and acted like a complete lunatic. I believe deep down in the bottom of my being that she has something medically wrong with her. She may be bi-polar, or maybe she is just so cross-bred from all the hillybilly rednecks in her family that she is horribly misprogrammed. This would all come out to play again and again.

     She is a very hostile, vengeful person. If anyone, ANYONE, crossed her wrong, she would get them back. I have seen her fight with her close friends if they at all go against her grain in anything she believes or does. It always had to be smooth and agreeable with her or hell was coming someone’s way.

     Well since I attempted to leave her, she blew up that night. She threw dishes, broke pictures, and took her kids with her to one of their dad’s houses. That’s right! The one she was with for 6 years before me, the one who beat her up. She was always friends with him. Why those two ever broke up is beyond me. They were made for each other.

     He was a drug user and wasn’t going anywhere with his life. She met me and I was her escape from him. But I was independant and I didn’t need her. He needed her. She needed someone who depended on her and needed her.

     So she took her kids and went to his house that night for a few hours. I stayed at home and cleaned up all the glass, and I told myself that this was it! I would not live like this. I was also glad my kids were not there.

     When she came home a few hours later, after dropping her kids off at her parents, we talked and she had admitted she has an anger issue. She repeatedly apologized for her actions, and she wanted me to forgive her.

2 Responses to “My Story…Part 39”

  1. 1 Enderr Wiggin September 30, 2009 at 11:27 am

    Close – not bipolar, borderline… (Google “BPD”)

  2. 2 Annette January 3, 2010 at 12:12 am

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

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