I had acquired a job as a dishwasher at a brand new Olive Garden. By brand new I mean the building was just built, and they were hiring people to fill positions from waitstaff to greeters to cooks to dishwashers. I had filled out the application and got interviewed and hired the same day. The boss who hired me asked me to cut my hair.

     This was the sign I was waiting for about my hair. I had it long to my shoulders and I had kinda wanted to get it cut, but that had to be for a reason. A good reason. Not for a girl. Not outta boredom. And not because my mom wanted it cut. This guy asked. I agreed. Then immediatley went to the barber to get it cut off. I never had long hair again.

     The next day I started working at The Olive Garden. All we did was learn to do the jobs. Everyone. The restaurant was not open. It was just set up for training. Every position. Us dishwashers sat out in the dining area as the waitstaff took our orders. The cooks learned to cook our food. We got served. FREE FOOD!!! It was a regular running restaurant. When we were done we washed everything. It was real neat seeing how this was working out. All this lasted for about four days. By the weekend we were to open to the public.

     Looking back at what I had been through during that training period really makes me admire the managers and trainers there that had to train all of us who were so new and very green to this type of experience. That must have been a major undertaking. I just wonder if that happens alot when they open new places like that. 

     I liked working at that place. I had ideas about being in the restaurant business during that time because all I seemed to do was work at those kind of places every time I got a job. It’s like I was lured to them for some reason. I had worked at pizza joints, fast food places and now there. It was like I was moving on up.

     But as I got settled in, which took about two weeks, my future was about to change. Drastically! The ride I call life was about to begin. My life. The ride had left the station full speed ahead and there wasn’t a brake pedal to hit. And I wasn’t hanging on either! Didn’t know I had to.


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