It was late January of ’06 when I was in the middle of a half-ass affair and my beastly wife was in one also, although I could not prove it…yet.

     I was miserable and so was she. She always was. Even before we met. I was just too stupid to realize it. I thought she would change. People don’t change, though. They kind of morph or hide things until they can’t hold it in any more and then you realize what a total turd you married.

     I was blinded by the mission I was on to get remarried and prove that I was marriage material. I admit that I settled. And I settled for this female I would eventually hate with my entire being, even today.

     That was why I rushed into marriage with her. I didn’t think. I just wanted to do what I thought would make me happy and make me look like I had a grip on things. The reality was I would become more miserable, caught in a trap, and I had zero control of my life.

     During this time with her made me realize how easy it is for people to kill each other. Yes, I am trying to funny, but I am kind of serious too.

     She aggravated me to where I had never been so aggravated, agitated, irritated, angry, pissed off, furious, depressed, introverted, irate, and any other kind of stressed out and negative feeling a person can experience.

     How can someone have zero compassion and zero brains and smarts and think that the world revolves around them? That they think they can do whatever the f#$k they want and there will be no repercussions?

     I am speaking mostly of her total lack of responsibility of money. I was dead broke when I left had finally left her. And that was when she found out I was cheating on her.

     My beastly exwife was extremely crafty with the computer and the internet. She literally could get information on anyone, anytime with just a little bit of knowledge of the person. But since we were married, I was easy.

     She looked up my cell phone bill calls and saw a strange number. She called it. A girl answered. She confronted her. She then called me and asked me who she was.

     I was at work, and hearing my beastly wife use this other girl’s name and asking me who she was caught me off guard. I quickly denied everything. I was in shell shock. The beast also had her best friend on the other line in a 3-way call. So what my exwife did was perform an Oscar winning role in front of an audience when she confronted me.

     As soon a I got off the phone with her I called the girl I was having the affair with. She apologized to me and said she didn’t know what was going on. I was not mad. I was not sad. I began to feel, for the first time in almost 4 years, a weight being lifted off my shoulders.

     The clouds were beginning to part, and I saw a ray of light in my life. The end was near and my freedom was about to be delivered. But like everything else with this biotch of a wife, it would come with a hefty price.

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