The “troops” I refered to are my friends who were as happy as pigs in mud to help me move out of that cave and get away from that beast of a wife.

     A week earlier I had taken out money from my 401k to pay our mortgage payment, to catch it up and to get the creditors off our backs. The check came and she was thrilled. She wanted to spend it on other things, naturally, but I put my foot down and said it was going to the house payment.

     The morning after my near arrest for the DUI, I went to the bank and cashed that check, because I was then going to make the payment. I woke up, on the couch groggy, and angry.

     I made arrangements with my dad to come to his house and stay for a while so I could get my act together, my finances straightened out, and have refuge from my thorn-in-my-side beastly wife. He agreed to let me stay. I believe he, too, was glad that I was leaving her from our conversation on the phone that early Friday morning.

     When I returned from the store and bank, the arguing was on. She complained that she didn’t like how I always wanted to leave her. She cried. She yelled. She threatened. She even tried to make me feel guilty for the affair.

     I told her point blank that I wanted out and the only way I knew I could get out was to go find someone else and have an affair with. I reminded her of all the times I tried telling her I was unhappy, how I wanted to leave, and how nothing we did to fix our problems worked.

     I told her I gave up on her bullshit and on the bullshit marriage. I told her that I had people coming over to help me move out. This, for some reason, caught her off guard.

     She told me she didn’t want me to go. She said she wanted to work it out. For a second, I thought that all the work I had done with getting my friends over, swallowing my pride and asking my dad to move back in for a while, and having the affair to leave her was all in vain.

     But it wasn’t!

     I told her I was gone this time. She got nasty and asked me for the money I just got and for the phone she told me I was going to give her. I delayed with the money but gave her the cell phone she wanted. She was surprised by how easy I gave it to her.

     I told her I didn’t need it. Just as she asked why not, my new cell rang!!

     I thought I had turned the ringer down, but I forgot with all the activities of the morning. It was my mother, who I had called but left a message. She called back to see what was going on, and what I was doing to make arrangements for my departure from this marriage.

     My beast of a wife, as slick as she is, and as coniving as she is, asked me for the new number, which I refused to give her, until she told me she may need to get a hold of me for house-related issues. I gave it to her.

     Dumb-ass move on my part. I would regret doing that. She then informed me she was leaving the house while I moved out because it was too hard on her. I told I wanted her to go because I didn’t want her telling me what I could and could not take.

     She told me to meet her in a parking lot later that morning for the money for the house or she would have to sue me because she was still going to live in that house. I ignored her statement and left to meet my friends at a restaurant while she got ready for the day.

     She didn’t want me there and I didn’t want to be there.


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