I had the cash on me to give to my beastly, greedy wife. She would not let me go back to the house and get my things until I gave her the money. This was money I borrowed from my 401k to make up payments on the cave-of-a-house we had. My credit was ruined and I didn’t want a foreclosure added to my already destroyed credit.

     So when she drove up to take the money, my one friend had a few choice words for her, calling her a slut for cheating on me and trying to make it look like I was the bad guy. She said some things back that didn’t make any sense and we laughed at that the rest of the day.

     Upon taking the cash, she quickly left and my friends and myself went back to the house to get my stuff. We had two pickups, my jeep, and a trailer to load up.

     I took all of my personal things, and things I didn’t want her or her beastlet kids to have of mine. We loaded as much stuff as we could, and what sucked was I needed to come back for the rest. But we didn’t do it that day.

     We went to my dad’s, where he had cleared a space in his garage for my things. We had some pizzas and I announced to them all that I was done with women, that I was thinking about going gay, because women were not working out for me.

     I was kidding of course. But my poor dad, the expression on his face when I said this was priceless. Everyone else laughed.

     This just so happened to be on a weekend when I had my girls. I had made arrangements with their mom to come meet me near his house so I could get them. We all crammed into his house for the weekend. My girls were glad that I had finally left that beastly wife, even their mom. They did not like the way she treated them and were glad it was finally over.

     I left the girls with my dad and stepmom one afternoon to go buy some work clothes and other things to get by for the week because I left behind alot of my own clothes at the cave.

    One night during that weekend, I had gotten involved in an argument with my beast wife and her mom and her sister on the phone. They bitched me out for cheating on her. How could I? Blah blah blah. I told them that she was doing the same thing. They didn’t want to hear this because she had told them it was all me, and they ALWAYS believe her, no matter what she tells them.

     I also got a very harsh text from one of her close friends. It was along the lines of ripping into me for doing what I had done and how she could not believe me. This was proof to me that the beast was telling a one-sided story of the events that had occurred and it was all my fault.

     That was fine to me. I let the text message go without answering back. I was mad as hell and I thought that if I respond with fire, I would get into an argument with this good friend of hers, and it was not worth it. I did, however, want to answer back to stick up for myself, but not when I was so mad. It would be the next day.


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