When I left the cave and headed back to my dad’s after getting my smaller possesions and clothes, I stopped at the nearby party store, (or liquor store, depending on where you are from) and I bought a 6 pack of beer. I continued on home and drank that whole thing.

     The next 4 days consisted of me getting up for work, going to work, talking people from work into going to the bar with me, then going to the bar and getting drunk.

     If I was able to get people to go, fine. If not, that was fine also because I was not shy or afraid of going to the bar by myself. I would go, get drunk enough to know that when I would return back at my dad’s, I would be able to take a shower and then go to bed and fall fast asleep.

     I wanted to go asleep quickly because I did not want to lay there and get depressed at how my life was turning out. I did not want to lay there and think about how much of a loser I felt I was by being back at home again, and  I did not want to think about how I was going to be involved in a second divorce.

     I also went to the bar to keep from hanging out at my dad’s all night. It was boring over there. Yes, my dad is good company, but he would have a tendency to turn the conversation to what I had already been through and what I was going through at the time. I did not want to deal with it.

     The following weekend came and I went to some friends’ house and hung out all day and part of the night there. I would return back at my dad’s and sleep the night away.

     I went to the movies by my self during this first weekend also. I spent time amusing myself and having alone time. But when the sun went down, I headed to the bar and got drunk.

     Upon returning home to my dad’s, I would sneak in and either try to take a quiet shower or just go straight to bed without making a peep.

     This practice I had formed lasted for two straight weeks when I had saved up enough money to venture around the newspapers and the internet, looking for a house of my own.

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