I had a very exciting and antsy few days after I found the house I wanted to rent. I stopped by and looked through the windows since nobody was living there. I made arrangements with the owner to rent that place for a year, with the option to buy. I had fully intended on buying it.

     The house had a garage, one bathroom and three bedrooms. It had a nice yard and was just good enough for me and my girls when they came to visit. It was also a symbol of my independence once again. From my parents and from my beastly wife.

     It was a sign to her, that I was able to live on my own and that I didn’t need her, contrary to what her beliefs were. She knew I had found a place, and she really wanted to know where it was, but I refused to tell her. I did not want her snooping around.

     She had told me of times in her past, of all the idiotic things she used to do. For instance, when she was dating one of her kid’s dads, she went to his house, in the middle of the night, and begged for him back after they had broken up. She made a scene in front of his neighbors and his parents. Of course he did, because he was a loser, then they had their kid together.

     Another time she had access to a friend’s house. When they were out of town, beast wife went over there and looked through the whole place. Desks, closets, drawers and other private places, to get the scoop on those people. When she was confronted on it at a later date by the friend’s mom, she denied she did anything. You may ask how did the mom know she was in that house. Because one of their cats was trapped inside a closet the remainder of the week this family was gone.

     Beast was not a very good at covering her tracks. She did things blatantly and didn’t give a shit if she got caught or not. She had no dignity and she did not care about others. As long as she got what she wanted, she didn’t care who’s throat she had to slit. If she wanted something, damn it she was gonna get it.

     But her ride of living this way was ending. She had lost her husband, who she thought would always grovel over her until eternity. I was not about to do that. I wanted out and away from that bitch. I had accomplished this goal, although it took 4 years.

     She was also facing the fact that her best friend of 15 years was separating herself from her. This is the same friend who had started a text messaging relationship with me.

     But the house I had found was good enough. 3 days after finding it, I paid the deposit and I moved in. I cleaned the place from top to bottom and got it prepared for myself.

    Upon moving in, I had formed a new habit, smoking.

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