It was about 4 days before I moved into the house I had rented, that I began to stop going to the bar and getting drunk every night. I began to get comfortable, and relaxed. The first night of my staying home at my dad’s, I got an actual phone call on my cell from the best friend of my beastly wife.

     All along we had kinda been texting back and forth, but not actually calling and talking. We had done that once or twice before, but for real quick conversations about the shit she had going on in her life, pertaining to a bad break up with her boyfriend, and of course my shit with my beast wife who was her friend.

     I had also called this friend on Valentine’s Day night, asking her if she wanted to get something to eat. I felt that we were both going through tough shit and a change of scenery and a chance to go out would do us good. I meant nothing out of it, just some fun for an hour or so. We didn’t, which was probably good, because she had a son and no one to watch him. Plus she wasn’t feeling good that night anyway.

     So for my cell to ring and have HER name appear on the screen blew my mind. What was she doing calling me?

     She called to inform me that she and the beast were in the middle of a major argument. Apparently beast was still seeing the same guy she was having her affair with. The friend didn’t agree with beast’s decision to leave him alnoe in her house with her kids while she went to work. Her friend also said she was throwing away a good guy and her marriage for this new boyfriend.

     Beast told her that I was the cheater and she needs the new guy. She also said she believed her marriage to me was a success because it lasted for 4 years. Beast also accused the friend of not being supportive of her and if she wasn’t going to be, she can go screw off. So I got the whole story about beast being her typical shitty self. It’s her way or the highway.

     As we were on the phone, beast tried calling me. I told her friend that she was calling. We shared a laugh about it, until she said she just got a call from her too. This meant that beast knew we were on the phone together, or she suspected it.

     The calls from her kept coming and me and her friend wrapped up our call by agreeing to never tell the beast that we were on the phone or that we ever talked or texted. We made a promise.

     I switched over to answer, yet another call from her, because if I didn’t she would blow up my phone all night. She immediately asked me who I had been on the phone with. I answered her by saying nobody.

     She didn’t believe me because I am the type of person who always has my cell with me, and if I am not answering, it’s because I am on it. I denied again.

     Then she asked me, point blank, if I had been talking to the friend. I denied. She said she didn’t believe me and she would find out by looking at my phone records, or asking her herself.

     Well I didn’t get nervous of her asking the friend because of the deal we made about being hush hush, but I was nervous about the phone records. So I immediately got on line and threw up security blocks on my account, and a while later, I called my cell carrier making them know I had a situation.

     The beast wife is very crafty with getting information off the Internet. All she needs is a few little bits of information and she is off. So by me setting up security on line and directly with the cell company, I would be safe.

     The next morning would prove to be a disastrous way to wake up.

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