I had received a call from my beastly wife early the next morning after all the accusations of me being on the phone with her friend. She warned me with threats in the past to stay away from her friend. I felt that since I had no more ties to her that I could do whatever the hell I wanted, she is not my mom.

     She asked me during that call if I had talked to the friend. I denied it and got pissed and bitched her out for calling so early, again. She called me early every morning that I had been out of her cave of a house. I was pissed about it, and I tried to get her off the friend subject.

     She came back to the topic about the friend and asked me again if I had talked to her. Again I denied. Then the gloves came off, again, and the fighting got dirty.

     She said the friend confessed to her the night before that we had talked.

     I was blown away. I, too, confessed that we had talked.

     Then she laughed an evil, twisted, beastly, and mean laugh only an asshole with a sick, demented, and psycho mind could laugh. She said she never asked the friend. She said she made it up to get the truth from me.

     I had fallen into the same trap she had set for people her whole life. I had seen this trap before during our years of marriage, but I had never seen it from this point of view. I fell right into it.

     She threatened me by telling me that she would get me back. She was a vengeful person and I will have hell to pay for this.

     I hung the phone up on her and started to call my friends to give them the heads up on what had happened. Beast was like a terrible beast that would come down from the mountain and ravage a little, ill-equipped village.

     She had the capability to eat the villagers’ food, burn their tents, kill their pets, rape their women and children, and shoot and kill the men.  

     I had to warn everyone of the hell that I had coming my way, and them too if she tried. Their responses? “Fuck her!”

     Later that morning I called the friend to inform her of what had happened and we conjured up a gameplan that would be the final straw on the camel’s back for their friendship.

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