The plan was to keep on doing what we were already doing. We agreed that we were not going to let the beast dictate our lives. Beast had given her permission to her friend that it was okay to talk to me, but with a stipulation, not to talk about her.

     What kind of asshole thinks they are going to dictate private conversations? We had a good laugh over that one.

     Beast and her friend were quickly falling apart. It was not about me, but about them and how they just could not see eye to eye on things anymore.

     They had been friends for 15 years. It was a tumultuous friendship that had begun with them back in high school. They went to different schools but became friends because they had the same boyfriend…at the same time

     Beast had found out about her and actually called her to inform her that they had been dating the same guy simultaneously. The friend got pissed off and she broke up with that guy.

     Beast kept on dating him for a short while, long enough to call this a victory, because she never losses. Beast called the other girl all the time, hounding her to hang out and become friends. Eventually she gave in and they became friends.

     The next fifteen years would see them in and out of fights with each other. Beast had a knack for being a real bitch to people. She had gained and lost friends throughout these years, but the one common friend was this one, who somehow stuck with her.

     Even these two fought and ended their friendship, then beast would call back after some time passed and they mended their ways. Her friend said she was too forgiving and woud accept that beast was just a bitch.

     Beast had a way of stabbing people in the back, friends or not. She talked bad about them and screwed them over, all in a desire to be the queen, to be the stuck up brat she was raised to be, and let everyone know not to fuck with her.

     She was very materialistic and she was very cautious about her looks. She had white blonde hair, black framed glasses, tons of makeup, and fake tits. This, all because to her image was everything. The one BIG thing she was losing control of on her body…was her body.

     She had a real soft spot for food. And that lead to her weight gain. She had told me she was thin as a rail, had no tits, and was very into her looks. It was obvious, by the caked on crap on her face..AT ALL TIMES!! Her breast implants, and her stupid bleached out hair.

     She tried telling me one time early on in our relationship that her hair was natural. About a year into being with her, she mentioned that she needed to get her hair bleached. She was a natural blonde, but the bleaching put her head over the top.

     You could see her head from the moon! I swear I saw her head reflect off the bottom of a plane that flew over us once.

     But she was gaining weight, losing her body, getting older, and figuring out that she needs to cling to any man that gives her attention. She had wanted out of the marriage, but didn’t have a “safety net” of a man to fall into. When this guy at her work gave her attention, that was it. We were done.

     But as for her friendship with her friend coming to an end, beast knew she was losing control of the two people she ruled over for years, and she was going to fight tooth and nail to keep order.


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