A couple days after I had settled in to my newly acquired rental house, I invited my beast wife’s friend over. I figured it would be a safe move since we both had agreed to keep this newly formed friendship a secret.

     I really enjoyed talking to her, she made me laugh, she had a slight edge to her, meaning she was cautious about me, since I was still married to the beast. But we both knew that we going to sever ties to the beast, me by divorce, her by not being her friend anymore.

     We talked on the phone more once I moved in to the house, and we sent texts all the time. So we really began to get to know each other. It was nice to have someone give me attention. I wasn’t looking for any, but it was comforting.

     I also gave attention to her. It was harmless fun. We were cautious of each other’s motives. I knew how sneaky beast could be, and these two were friends forever, but at first I had a little caution in that I would not get burned.

     Burned by revealing too much information and she run it back to the beast. Information about where I lived, what I had, and how I was doing both mentally and physically. But I threw caution to the wind and let this play out, as I am sure she did too.

     The friend came over one particular Wednesday night. I cleaned the house the best I could and finished furnishing the place. I had to run over to my mom’s to borrow an extra couch because I did not have one, and I didn’t wanna look like too much of a loser.

     I also ran out and bought beer for this night and then once I had settled in and waited for her to come over, the nerves set in.

     It was at this point that my friends sent texts asking various questions. Ones pertaining to me getting laid, to her spending the night, and if I knew what I was doing. Then it came down to being wished good luck and that was it.

     She showed up that night a little late. I had began to think that I was gonna be stood up. And that would have sucked. But it was all ok once she showed. She said she needed to get her son to sleep before she left. She lived with her mom, so he was being cared for once she was gone.

     We had planned on watching a DVD I had rented, but decided against it, and just drank a couple beers. I showed the house, we laughed about some things and then the phone rang. It was the beast wife.

     She wanted to know what I was doing and with who. This alarmed me because I had not heard from her all day, til now when her friend was over. The timing was crazy. I thought for a second that I was being played.

     I gestured to the friend that it was beast. She laughed into her hand to cover up the sound. Then she was freaked out. I quickly told the beast and told her she had no reason to know what I was doing and who I was with.

     This is a tactic that she uses to get her information, act like a bully and be mean and forceful. But I didn’t budge except to tell her what she wanted to hear, because she wanted an answer. I told her I was over at another friend’s house helping him move a stove.

     The she wanted to hear his voice!!! This scared me. It was like she KNEW exactly what I was doing. I began to get mad and I told her that she is not in control of me anymore and then I told her to fuck off and hung up. I had a friend over and I was not going to let that beast ruin my good night.


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