I returned home, waiting for the call from her, saying she was going to come to the concert with me that night. I happened to have these Toby Keith tickets just fall in my lap. Someone from my work had an extra pair and he just gave them to me. Told me to pay him back by buying a few beers. Easy enough.

     As I walked through the door at home, my cell rang. It was someone who wanted my permission to relay my cell number back to the girl friend. I said of course, then explained in a summarized way, what was going on.

     She called minutes later and told me she could not make it to the concert. She said she could not find a sitter for her son. Whether this was actually true or not, I felt she was playing it safe. We were just talking, at this point, and if we went, she may feel this would be a date, although I stressed to her we were going as friends.

     She did tell me, however, that she wanted to meet the next night at a bar for a few beers. I said that would be a great idea. She told me she would call the next day to set up plans.

     That next morning came and I waited for her call. It didn’t come. The afternoon came and still no call. I grew impatient.

     I had told myself that I would not call if someone was to call me. I broke that idea. I called her. I asked what the plan was for that night. She said she was just getting ready to call me. We decided on a place to meet and then we met there.

     We had a few beers, talked and had a good time. We were kind of nervous being out together in public for fear of the beastly wife showing up and seeing us. But we really didn’t care. It was fun.

     While all this was going on this particular Saturday, earlier that morning I had received another phone call call from the beastly wife. It was barely 7am and I was mad at her for calling again, this time on a weekend, so damn early.

     She told me she had the divorce papers drawn up from a lawyer and she wanted me to make a special drive out to her house to read them over and sign them.

     I told her to go fuck herself. I told her when I come out there I would stop by her house to look them over and take a copy. But I was not going to sign shit, nor was I going to make a special trip over there.

     She got mad, called me every name under the sun, asked what I had to do that day that was so much more important than signing these papers. I didn’t answer her questions and just got so fed up that I hung up.

     That was the night I went to the bar with my new female friend, beast’s former friend, when I decided to go over to the beast’s cave.

     After we walked out of the bar together, I got in my Jeep and started to drive over to the cave. On my way, I called the friend to inform her my intentions, but she didn’t answer. I was wanting her to tell me to not go there, but since she did not answer, I ended up pulling into the beast’s driveway.

     It was 1am and I went from having a good time to being pissed off within seconds. All I  had to do was think about how much I hated this bitch and how angry she made me with her early in the morning phone calls.

     I noticed that the house was dark, meaning she was in bed, which also meant it was time for a little revenge. I wanted to see how fun it was for this beastly bitch to be awaken from a good sleep.

     I stepped on the porch, rang the doorbell a couple times in a row, then banged as hard as I could on the front door.

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