I felt that I had literally beat the hell out of that door. I wanted to wake this crazy bitch up and make her feel startled, and annoyed and angry, for being awaken from a nice and comfortable slumber, by some asshole. The roles were reversed, and I was giving her a taste of her own medicine.

     She answered the door very angry at me for waking her up, and she began to bitch me out. I didn’t care. This is what I wanted. The fact that she bitched me out, was my sign that I had got to her and she was mad.

     Then she asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted to see the papers she had for me to look over and sign for our divorce.

     In typical, beastly fashion, she said she didn’t have them. This was one of her many moves in the games she plays with people. This was her move, to make me feel threatened. To make me feel like I was losing her. To make me rethink this whole thing.

     I knew her. I knew the move. This was part of why I didn’t come out earlier in the day. She is just so full of bullshit!

     I laughed at her and left. I got home and fell fast asleep.

     The next morning, beast called and told me a whole bunch of crap. The line about how it was a good thing her boyfriend is a heavy sleeper or he would have been mad and kicked my ass.

     OK. Let’s dive into her boyfriend, shall we? He wasn’t there. I banged on that door so hard, the neighbors woke up.

     Her boyfriend may have been there. He was a recovering drug addict. Maybe he was sleeping something off. He was horribly addicted to heroine. He met her at a rehab center where she worked. He did everything for her. He broke rules to spend extra time with her.

     The two of them should never have been together, because of the counselor/patient can’t date or see each other rules. But they did. At the cost of her losing her job, which she did.

     She lost her job shortly before I moved out of her cave. She lost it because she got busted visiting him after hours. It seems that other patients ratted them out. She got fired and he was on thin ice.

     She was able to visit him more after this because of all her free time. He was at the end of his time in the rehab a short time later, he moved in with her. He moved in right after I moved out. She always was a good planner.

     But during that phone call, I listened to all her crap and threats and questions about her friend whom I had formed a friendship with. The beastly wife was not too happy about this. I hung up on her.

     I then called my new female friend and talked to her about the previous night. She was extremely nervous about me going to the cave, and had wondered what exactly happened. I told her. We had a good laugh.


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