Which brings me back to the part where I had my new female friend over at my newly rented house. We drank some beers, smoked a few cigarettes and called it a night. She went home uneventfully. I turned the lights out, and got ready to sleep by watching TV on the couch in the living room.

     The next time she came over was two days later. I felt we had grown much closer than ever since she was over a mere 48 hours earlier. I also felt that the relationships we had with the beastly wife of mine, and her friend, was growing quickly apart. We still had a beast to deal with, but she was becoming more of an object to discuss and deal with, more than an actual human being.

     The Friday night she came over, I was again nervous. Why still? I did not know. We got some beers, we rented “Walk The Line” and chilled out that night at my house. We drank some beers, smoked some cigarettes, got good and buzzed, and then….

     There comes a time in every blossoming relationship when the guy and girl will break that sexual tension with a slick move. This particular night, two moves were made. One, innocently by me, the other, not so innocent, by her.

     We were watching TV in the dark on my couch. I, on one end, her on the other. I offered her to stretch her legs out across the couch and onto my lap. I totally meant no harm in it. I was trying to be nice since she was looking all balled up with her feet tucked under her butt.

     So she stretched them across to my lap. I sat there, continuing to drink my beer, when she started to make her move, with her feet. It all went from there.

     For a lot of the time that I had been married to my beastly wife, I had always had an attraction to her friend. She was totally hot, good personality, and she genuinely seemed like a good person. On top of all this, I had thought about her in a sexual way.

     There were occassions when she was in a time of not having had sex, and my beastly wife would offer ME up to have sex with her. I always thought that I would do it without ever thinking twice. But it makes one think, why would beast offer her husband up to her best friend to have sex with her? What kind of wife and friend is that? Weird.

     But when she started to make her move this particular night, it was on. I was not thinking twice. I had really intended to be friends with her, and I fully knew that if we had sex, everything would be different.

     And it was.

     We spent more time together. She stayed the night more regularly, and we just absolutely hit it off. We told our kids about the other, and they were real excited, especially my girls. They told me they had always liked her, and they were happy for me. This made it all the easier, and it made it all feel right.

     But this situation was a ticking time bomb as far as the beast was concerned….

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