A week after we started officially seeing each other, I had sent 2 dozen roses to her where she worked. When I was at the store, I had made it clear to the lady behind the counter to not tell anyone what had been sent, where it was going, or who was receiving it. I had a feeling that the beastly wife was going to check on my bank card for any activity, and if she found something, she would call on it.

     She did.

     I received a very nasty phone call the night of me sending the roses. The beast was irate. Apparently the lady behind the counter told her everything I had not wanted revealed. This was to be a secret, but I had to tell my new girlfriend what was happening, thus spoiling the surprise.

     This also was the hard proof the beastly wife needed, that showed I was seeing her lost friend. She was irate. She threatened me, she threatened my new girlfriend, and she swore that revenge was going to be hers.

     All that night I got called from the beast. I quit answering the phone, and eventually turned my cell off.

     This was just the beginning of what was to come.

     The next day, beast had called me again and wanted to know where my house was. She said she had calmed down, and she realized that we were officially over, and that she wanted to return a few of my things.

     I gave in, I believed her, and I told her how to get to my house. I did not want to go to her cave to retrieve my things, so I let her drop them off while I was at work, because I did not want to see her.

     The night I got out of work, I walked to my Jeep and on the front seat was a torn up wedding picture I had of me and the beast wife. This picture was something like a 28″ x 36″ photo of us. It was in shreds. I laughed. It was something that was to get me all sad inside, and I knew that picture meant a lot to her because it was yet another item of her bragging materials.

     I drove home and pulled up the driveway, I saw a clothes basket full of stupid mementos of our marriage. Other pictures, some souvenirs from our honeymoon, and other various things I purposely left behind because they represented things that I was trying to forget.

     Glasses and DVD’s were also in there. The glasses broken and fragments of them were all up and down my driveway. It was as if she had walked around while breaking these things.

     When I entered my house, I noticed that something was not quite right. It also had a feeling of being entered by someone not welcome here.

     On my kitchen table, mysteriously, was my rental agreement, with the top 3 pages missing. This, I had kept in my top dresser drawer.

     At this point I began to search the house for other strange things. It was apparent the beast had sunken to a new level and broke in!!


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