I began to search the house for point of entry. I always keep the doors locked, and I have made it a practice my whole life to lock doors when I leave for any extended period of time. The front door was locked when I came home because I had to use my key for both locks, the knob and dead bolt.

     When I went to the back door, the knob was locked, but the dead bolt was not! That was a clue to me that she got in, but did not leave the same way. She left from this back door because she could not lock the dead bolt from outside unless she had a key.

     Now I had to find the point of entry. I search the windows. I looked for broken glass, expecting to find some in the bedrooms and in the living room. There wasn’t any.

     The bathroom!!!

     I had a shower in a tiny bathroom and on the wall in the shower was a window. It was high up and the lock was on top. I left this window unlocked so my daughters could slide it open when they took showers to let the humidity outside.

     This was also the way the beast had got into my house. The shower curtain was in disarray and there were black smear marks down the wall from the window.

     Her boyfriend, the drug addicted one, was the one who climbed in this window. I figured it all out as I walked outside to see how far he climbed up the wall to get inside.

     He grabbed onto the ledge, slid the screen over and then the window and crawled into the house through my bathroom window. He then went to the back door which was 20′ from this window and let her in.

     She was too fat in the ass to climb anything, so she got him to do it. This was how she got in, then she had free reign of my house.

     They took my iPod shuffle, some compact discs, 3 pages of my rental agreement, and a battery I had in the house for my truck. This asshole meant to take the boat battery which was sitting right next to it, but apparently she could not read with her white-blond hair,  black-framed glasses, silicone tits, fat ass and growing-fatter-by-the-day stomach.

     I called the police, they came by, dusted the place, then I told them I wanted to file a report to where I was hoping she would get into trouble.

     I gave the names of who I believed it was. Apparently her boyfriend had a record because his named immediately popped up in the computer the cop had in his car.

     It was at this time I knew I had to fight this mean, nasty beast of a bitch, but not with words or physically, but with my actions.


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