Before I go into the court details, I wanna make it perfectly clear what kind of asshole and manipulator and antagonist my beastly ex wife had been.

     I explained that she needs to have things her way. I have explained how she feels she can never lose, and I am about to explain what kind of living hell she can inflict upon someone who has crossed her. I had been the latest in her cross hairs once I moved out of the cave.

     She told me, and everyone else in her life, that she never loses. When I left and found someone else, she viewed it as a loss, although she had a boyfriend all along. She had to have the upper hand. She had to be the one in control.

     One particular night when I had my girlfriend, her former friend, over to spend the night, I had received a call on my cell from the beast and her friends during their night out at the bar.

     After calling a half dozen times to me not answering, I finally did and we all argued on the phone. Beast, her friends, me and my girlfriend. All taking turns on the phone to bitch each other out.

     She laid down some bullshit asking me how I could be with her friend, her friends at the bar asked me the same thing, then called her names for seeing me.

     Keep in mind all this was happening in the presence of her drug-addicted boyfriend. He was a heroine and alcoholic in recovery. She was taking him to the bars.

     Nice eh? Some support she was to him!

     Then there were the times she drove over to my house and  was looking in windows, and banging on the front door, breaking my shit and throwing it on the porch, and breaking into my house.

     This nasty beast even had the audacity to go over to my girlfriend’s mom’s house and yell at her through her kitchen window, telling her what her daughter was doing and who she was seeing.

     My girlfriend’s mom was a sweet lady who had no right getting involved in this mess. She and I had met, spent times together since I was seeing her daughter, and she liked me. All the beast did was embarrass herself because she was wasting her time and causing a scene.

     When I had to go to court that May 2006, I had to confront the beast on a more polite manner. Beast got her shots in on me about who I was seeing and what I was doing with my life. She told me I was a broke bastard and that I would never amount to anything.

     She told me that the bankruptcy will have me ruined for a very long time and that no one would ever wanna see me because I had no money.

     Beast went on to put down my girls, my girlfriend’s son, and everything else she could think of. She then went on to tell me how her life was perfect and that she had a boyfriend who is from a rich family and that her problems are about gone as far as finances are concerned.

     I then told her that I want her to finish and get out all her comments and questions to me because when we walk out of this court, I never, ever wanna hear from her, see her, or deal with her ever again. I told her we are officially through when the judge slams the gavel and signs the papers.

     We left that court and I drove over to my girlfriend’s house. Unfortunately I had an SUV tail-grabbing my ass the whole way. Inside it was my ex-beast, her youngest beastlet, and beast’s sister, otherwise known as Sista Beast!


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