My new wife and I kept on receiving the harassing calls and text messages from the beast. It got to the point where I changed my cell number and thought that I had got rid of her for good.


     I went almost a whole 4 months before she was able to get my new cell number.

     She called my daughters’ school, pretended to be their mom wanting to verify the emergency phone numbers, and then started to harass me again.

     It took me about 15 minutes from the time I received the first call to figure this out. She admitted when I confronted her.

     Beast always has had an evil laugh-like roar when she was feeling bulletproof and when she felt like she had won. When I asked her, she answered with this annoying, roar-like laugh.

     I didn’t change my number again for at least another year. I had ignored the calls and I didn’t even set up me voice mail, just to avoid that beastly bitch.

     In the meantime, she called our house and left messages on the voice mail informing me and my wife about how wonder she believed her life was.

     She called stating that she had the perfect man, although he was nothing but a drug addict, wanna-be pretending-to-be recover-er.

     She went on to tell us in other messages how they were planning the perfect marriage somewhere in the tropics, but the funny about that was it was planned for the middle of summer.

     I am not at all bitter, nor do I have any resent toward her, but I hated her. I hated her as each phone call came in. I didn’t realize at first why she had to take the time from her “perfect relationship” to tell me and my wife how she was living the perfect life.

     If she was living so prosperously, then why did she have to tell me? Did she think she was I going to be jealous? Did she try to make me want her back?

     I didn’ t want anything to do with her after I had moved out of her cave of a house a year earlier. I tried to forget she even existed. My wife tried to forget she existed, but for some reason beast found the need to keep on calling and reminding us she was around.

     And that’s what I finally concluded in my questioning of why she keeps trying to have contact with me, and my wife.

     She was miserable. She wanted to try to get information out of us as to what we were up to, possibly to see if we were miserable also. We never did give her any kind of fuel, therefore the constant phone calls.

     Beast even found out we got married by looking it up in some kind of state records. She was very crafty with the Internet and a phone.

     All the harassing went on for a good, steady, year and a half until…..

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