…..until the winter of  ’08. January to be more specific.

     It was a Friday afternoon when I got my first of MANY phones that late afternoon and early evening. Apparently an ad had been posted on Craigslist for a FREE laptop.

     My cell phone literally blew up with people from all over the Detroit area, giving me their stories of why THEY should be the one to get the computer.

     I asked the callers where they got this idea and they told me they saw the ad on Craigslist.

     I raced home from work, while ignoring 20 calls along the way, to get to my computer to find this ad.

     Sure enough! There was the ad giving away a free laptop to the person I deemed worthy enough to have it.

     And there was my cell number.

     Beast had everything to do with this.

     I began calling back the messages that filled my voice mail box and gave them HER number. I thought two can play this game. If it was funny to unleash the public on me, I turned around and unleashed it on her.

     She did not like this one bit. It took all of 10 minutes after I started calling people back and giving them her number, beast called me and was irate.

     We had a shouting match and then I hung up on her. The next thing I did was change my cell number, yet again because of her, and that ended the calls, from her and these people.

     Then I contacted Craigslist, via email, to complain about the ad. They pulled the ad within 30 minutes. I was highly impressed with their quick response. 

     But apparently once wasn’t good enough for this bitch.

     Two weeks later my house phone began to ring with people looking for a free fucking laptop again!!

     I got back on the computer, found the ad, then wrote a stern email telling Craigslist a few choice things. They immediately pulled the ad, then they sent me the IP address of the computer where these ads originated and they offered to assist in any way they could to keep their site a legitimate and user-happy.

     Kudos to Craigslist!

  After I did some work on finding the originality of these ads, I contacted the owner of the computer, which happened to be a local community college here in town.

     Between the information I received and contacting the college, beast made several calls and sent several emails to me, laughing about what she had done.

     I filed a police report, but all they said was to let the college take care of it.


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