Upon meeting the people in the building with my dad’s friend, I began to realize that I was in the real working world. No more restaurants with zit-faced kids with shit-ass attitudes making minimum wage and talking about how shitty their job is. These were people with families to support. These were moms and dads with kids and families and responsibilities. Real, adult responsibilities.

     It was quite overwhelming once I had realized this. I felt like a kid, still, myself. I was going to go back to college in 3 short months. Hell, I just graduated from high school 12 short months ago! Who am I kidding. 

     But I explained my situation to these people. They were all in shock at how young I looked and told me how lucky I was to have landed this temporary job. They said if I did this right, I may want to work there permanently. Upon hearing this a few times, I played it off and said I had other plans. Going back to school was all I wanted to do. Not be working there permanently.

     But I had a good time working there. I worked plenty of hours, made lots of money and made my dad happy. He said that the extra expenses I had back at Ferris State would be my responsibility. He would cover the schooling and food and living quarters. I had to cover the books (even though I got him to break a little about books, he would maybe pay half), and any extra money for extra curriculars.

     This job also had me being the richest of my friends that summer too. I was the guy who paid for the beer (when we had a buyer). All they had to do was drive, and provide the places of consumption. It was cool covering for them. I had budgeted out my money so I knew I would be going back with alot when September came rolling back around.

     In the mean time as all this was taking place I was seeing my sister’s friend. It got pretty serious pretty quickly. I felt like I had a total grasp on the world. I had my shit together and I was feeling good about myself. It would be a learning experience. I would also come to make a life changing decision that effects me to this very day!

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