As I worked at the natural gas company my dad’s friend got in on a temporary basis, I began to like the working world, the money, and the freedom I felt as I was working. I knew I had a mission to work here and return to college in the fall, but things started to look different to me.

     My friends were here. They were not going to school. They were getting real jobs. They were making plans for life and in a way, settling down, and moving out from their parents house.

     I felt kind of odd. I was starting to not wanna go back to school after 2 months of working. I wanted to build my life. I wanted independence. I wanted to move on with life. As I was seeing the friend of my sister’s and getting more serious with our relationship, we talked about life.

     The only problem with this relationship was she was going to start attending Michigan Technological University in the fall. I didn’t wanna go back to school because our plans to see each other involved long bus rides and long distnace phone calls. Ferris State and Michigan Tech were 6 hours away from each other. It would have sucked.

     As I kept my options open, a permanent job opened up 2 weeks from the end of my temporary term. In 3 weeks I was supposed to return to school. I put in for it and was offered the job. The new boss gave me a week to make my final decision.

     I made my decision to take it, but before I made it official, I had to bring it up with my dad. I knew there was going to be an argument about what I intended to do. And when I sat him down, there was.

     He didn’t want me turning this job into a permanent position. He wanted me to finish school. But I had a card up my sleeve with something he told me about a choice he made in his younger years. A decision he made and was living with at the time. And when I played that card, he gave in.

     My dad had done the same exact thing! He was in the same situation I was in, and he took his job where he would work for 40 years before he retired. But at the time of this discussion, I told him he did it! Why can’t i?

     He had no rebuttal. He let it go. He said he wanted me to go to school at a local college to slowly get the journalism degree I had started working on. He also said he hopes I knew what I was doing. I told him I did. Or so I thought.


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