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Connecticut Dreamin’

     I have always wanted to move to Connecticut. For as long as I can remember, the east coast, eastern states look and feel and thought has always been very appealing to me.

     I have never been there, though. I have never been to somewhere that I would love to move to. I have this idea in my head about how Connecticut looks, how it feels, the weather, the people, the lifestyle, the communities. It seems so attractive to this Mid-Western boy, that I have even went as far as gathered information on housing, and jobs. But that was over ten years ago.

     I have seen movies, television shows, news and I have seen pictures on the internet and throughout my life of Connecticut, that have me wanting to move there. I believe everyone has their place they want to live, where they think they belong, and I know mine is Connecticut.

    Ten years ago, when I had seriously looked into moving there, I had decided that it just would not work out. I was established, here in Michigan, with my family, friends, and job. But maybe one day, when my bank account is stuffed, when my kids are grown, and when my wife and I start to hit the twilight of our lives, I may travel over there to see and feel, and realize that my Connecticut dream would be nothing but that, a dream.


Porn Industry Is Seeking A Bailout

     That’s correct! The multi-billion dollar  money machine, we all are very familiar with, is seeking a bailout from the U.S. government, now too.

     First the U.S. government bailed out the banks by tossing them billions of dollars to keep the whole economic world from crashing down upon itself. No questions were asked, no committees were put together, the U.S. just threw the money at them and said go away.

     Then the Big 3 came to the U.S. government asking them for a bailout, which we now learned is just a huge-ass loan.

     The Big 3 were raked over the coals by Congress. The Big 3 were grilled for the way they spent their money, and were pounded on how they planned to pay the multi-billion dollar loan back.

     Now the porn industry is knocking on the U.S. government door, asking for a $5 billion bailout. Just three years ago, according to a website I found  at, the porn industry made $18 billion!

     That’s a whole lot of orgasms!

     It makes you wonder who will be asking for a bailout next, especially if people trying to find that moment of relaxation and pleasure, aren’t supporting an industry we thought was well off for getting us off.

Did You Know That…

     …when a women farts when wearing a thong, the noise is the exact same as when air blown upon a grass blade between two thumbs does?

     …some men actually pluck hairs out of their nose and ears with their fingers rather that cutting them out?

     …a elephant can be pregnant up to 18 months?

     …French toilets actually slide out of a wall, and can only be the bowl part. When someone is done using it, the bowl will slide back into the wall and be hosed off and things are rinsed away into a drain that is inside a wall?

     …sucking dick and eating pussy is starting to become a reason men and women are getting oral cancer?

     …drinking too much water can actually expand the brain and kill you?

     …the planet earth’s fresh water supply is running out?

     …this chick, Megan Hauserman, from “Rock of Love” and “Charm School” on Vh1, actually has a college degree?


     … I actuall thought she was hot until I found out she is going to be on another Vh1 show called “I Love Money” where a group of millionaires will be trying to win her over by impressing her with their wallets, charm, and over-all stupidity?

NBA Is the New WWE

     I have been saying for at least 15 years now, that the NBA is the new wrestling. It’s the new WWE.

     The NBA is fixed. The NBA is a script. The NBA is fake.

     All the NBA does is build up all these fantastic scenarios where the league showcases the great match ups between teams and players and does so to keep it’s audience riveted.

     Yesterday’s game between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers is a fine example.

     The two teams in last season’s finals squared off against each other during prime time on Christmas night. The beginning of the self-proclaiming hype by the NBA.

     The Celtics came into the game with a 19 game win streak. A 19 game win streak!! Did anyone honestly think they were going to lose a game from two weeks ago to the present?

     The league needed the Celtics to keep winning to hype this game.

     The Lakers had won 11 in a row at home before defeating the Celtics last night. So the NBA had even more to tout.

     A winning streak was going to end.

     Then for even more NBA drama, Lakers coach won his 1,000 career coaching game, becoming the fastest to the  milestone.

     All this hype. All this drama. All these great and amazing gods roaming the earth, all for us to see when we click on an NBA game.

     This has been going for, like I said, at least 15 years that I know of. Once I realized it, it was hard to NOT notice.

     Don’t get me started on the Michael Jordan era.

     I will leave that for my next post.

Gay? I Don’t Care!

     Alright. I am aiming to open a box of worms with this one, as I am curious as to how people really feel when it comes to gay musicians.

     I don’t mind gay musicians or actors at all. I know I am putting myself out there with some people when I say this, but, dudes, go for it!

     Michael Stipe, lead singer of REM. Back when he came out of the closet and admitted he was gay, were we shocked?

     I wasn’t. It’s just something that could be sensed. I didn’t care. So what? Just as long as he kept releasing great hits and didn’t let his revelation hurt him, who cares?

     Did everyone suddenly dislike REM less because of this?

     Or how about suddenly hating Judas Priest just because metal god, Rob Halford, came out and said he was gay?

     The dude blew the roofs off arenas all around the world while he was hiding his lifestyle and people praised him. Just because he came out didn’t suddenly make him any different.

     Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Pete Townsend, Boy George, and George Michael are all gay musicians. They are all talented as hell and have been put out some really kick ass music. I don’t look at them any differently just because of the life they live.

     All I want to do is enjoy some real kick ass music, and if the people making that music are gay, so what? As long as I am entertained.

     But what about you?

     You suddenly find out that what you have enjoyed listening to has been made by a gay person. What you gonna do? Burn all their discs, records, tapes, posters, t-shirts and bumper stickers?

     Or are you gonna shrug it off because you know that they have made some of the best damn music you have ever heard?

If You Write It, Can You Say It?

     I read a post in someone’s blog just recently, and they brought up the whole topic on how bloggers can write anything at all about people or events.

     They also said that certain bloggers tend to hide behind their blogs because it’s a way for them to express themselves in a way they would never do to a person’s face.

     Well I am here to say that whatever I have written here in the past, and I have written ALOT, and whatever I will write in the future, I am willing to say in person to anyone.

     I am not afraid to hide behind what I slap down in these posts and I would say the same to the people I am writing about.

     I feel that if something has to be said, it will be said.

     Yes, I may tiptoe around certain things, because I have been known to tiptoe around in person to people, knowing full well things are touchy, and I can respect that.

     But if something needs to be said about someone, or if someone needs to be called out on something, damn it I will do it!

     I also WANT to be called out, too. Let me hear about it! If I have screwed up something in person, I always have an open door to hear criticism about my decisions.

     Believe me! I have heard ALOT about shit I have done from my close friends and family. I like to keep those type of people around to keep me on the straight and narrow. If they were not here, who knows where I would be?

     So if anyone reads any of these posts and feel I need an ass-chewing about anything at all, any criticism, or just want to put me down, let me have it!

     Because whatever I see happening in the world, I will express myself here, because it’s my way of getting the emotion off my chest, and if that person reads this, I want them to know if I could, I would say it in person.

Jennifer Aniston!! Oh My God!!!

     Take a look at these magazine covers. The first one is from 1996 when Jennifer Aniston was on Rolling Stone.

     The second one is Jennifer Aniston on GQ, which comes out next week.



     I just want to get feedback, to see if everyone else feels like I do. Is she getting older? Because she certainly appears to be getting HOTTER like the cover says!

     Oh! By the way! Ha ha Brad Pitt!!

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