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Connecticut Dreamin’

     I have always wanted to move to Connecticut. For as long as I can remember, the east coast, eastern states look and feel and thought has always been very appealing to me.

     I have never been there, though. I have never been to somewhere that I would love to move to. I have this idea in my head about how Connecticut looks, how it feels, the weather, the people, the lifestyle, the communities. It seems so attractive to this Mid-Western boy, that I have even went as far as gathered information on housing, and jobs. But that was over ten years ago.

     I have seen movies, television shows, news and I have seen pictures on the internet and throughout my life of Connecticut, that have me wanting to move there. I believe everyone has their place they want to live, where they think they belong, and I know mine is Connecticut.

    Ten years ago, when I had seriously looked into moving there, I had decided that it just would not work out. I was established, here in Michigan, with my family, friends, and job. But maybe one day, when my bank account is stuffed, when my kids are grown, and when my wife and I start to hit the twilight of our lives, I may travel over there to see and feel, and realize that my Connecticut dream would be nothing but that, a dream.


Baby-Making With An IUI

     My wife and I are on a mission to make a baby. I have written, in this blog, all about our experiences during our journey to make a baby. We have had close calls, we had our hopes fade, and we have had disappointments. But then we would try again the following month, repeating this cycle.

     I am going to sum up the journey so far, and to get myself acquainted with what I have written, and not written, to this point.

     Fifteen months ago, I had a vasectomy reversal. It was a good decision because it gave my wife and I the chance to make a baby. We had decided to try right before we got married a year earlier. We were excited and willing to “do the do” on time, every month, like clockwork.

     So I got reversed, and a month later the trying began. Every month, according to my wife’s clock and her calendar and her “piss sticks” and most of all, her say-so, we tried.  It was fun for the first couple months. Then frustration set in. Then it became work. Never had I thought that having sex would be work and I would feel pressured.

     Along the way, I had taken in 3 sperm samples to see what my army of baby-makers were up to. I found out they were there. Plenty of them. Some 20 million of them. But they were slow, almost inactive, but they were there. And that’s what mattered because we were able to keep trying.

     Several months went by and my wife and I got to the point where we weren’t watching the calendar anymore. We were doing the deed when we wanted. We tried to take the pressure off. This didn’t work either.

     We talked to a urologist and got advise on what to try to do to help. This is where he hit us with trying IUI, intrauterine insemination. This is a procedure where, after I produce sperm sample, they take it out, and put it in my wife’s uterus.

     My wife was instructed to pay attention to her ovulation times of the month. She bought a First Response pregnancy kit, where she has to urinate on one and it tells her of her hormonal levels, also known as her LH surge. When it peaks, we are to come into the clinic the following day and they will perform the IUI.

     When her levels are high, she has an egg in her uterus. When the IUI is performed, sperm is shot into the uterus. This procedure, in real easy terms, is putting the boy in the same room as the girl without having him have to walk through the front door, walk down a hallway and enter her room. This procedure skips the journey and puts the boy in the same room immediately.

     This procedure was performed a week and a half ago. We are waiting to see if this works. I hope it does. My beautiful wife hopes it does, too. I know my sperm are slow and lazy. I refer to them as a bunch of fat, lazy kids playing video games while eating licorice. I hope that with them being put in the uterus with her egg will motivate them to move their asses and hook up and get my wife pregnant.

     I hope to have news in the next week or so. Until then, I will treat my wife as if she is “with child” by not letting her do any strenuous chores, although the doctor told her to go about living life the same as usual. But until we know, we will wait.

Ain’t That Some Shit?

     Do something really bad and then get rewarded for it when in all actually a serious price needs to be paid.

     And the icing on the cake? All parties involved see nothing wrong with this!!

     Ain’t that some shit?!?!

New Year’s Eve Parties Are STUPID!!!

     I have never, for as long as I was aware of the “ball dropping”, understood why people party on New year’s Eve.

     What’s the point?

     All this celebrating the start of a new year? A new month?

     Why don’t we have these parties on July 31 when July ends and August begins?

     On New Year’s Eve, people  get all bundled up and take to the streets of their major city, and count down with a clock to the new year. Then when the time changes the date changes and then all sorts of noise from noise makers, screaming, shit flying in the air, kissing, and drinking just because the calendar changes.


     What for?

     Too much hype over stupid shit stuff.

My Story…Part 66

     I was in contact with the community college for about a month. They called often, visited my house once, and kept saying they were working on this problem. They also said they would kick beast out of the school if they found her at fault.

     I had been through a lot of shit because of the beast. She was a terrible human being. She is just down right mean and extremely vengeful.

     She destroyed my life for a time being, she tried to destroy whatever I had going after I moved away from her, too.

     She also made it well known to me and my new wife, that she had a “happy new life” and she was “living the perfect life with the perfect man”, although he was a drug user and she tried telling us she had helped him clean up and he was on the straight and narrow.

     Karma is a BITCH!!

     My wife was fiddling around on MySpace one day in February ’08, two weeks after the free laptop on Craigslist fiasco, when she discovered that beast’s boyfriend had died.

     He had a job with a delivery company, and he was down in Ohio spending the night on a delivery, where he scored some cocaine and had over-dosed.

     I was shocked, as was my wife, and since beast was such a master of disguising the truth and lying and manipulating, I started to not believe this.

     But upon further research and newspapers, it was confirmed that he had, infact, over-dosed on cocaine in Ohio.

     Beast had never rehabbed him. She told us lies. She was just trying to tell my wife and I that all was well.

     My wife and I never wanted to hear from beast since the divorce. I never wanted to hear or acknowledge her existence since I moved out of the cave. But for some reason she had to keep calling us and emailing us.

     Well because of how much of an evil, manipulative, mean, dirty, vengeful, and deceiving person she has been all her life, karma caught up to her and bit her on the ass.

     I was freaked out when this news had set in, because after all the dirty and mean things she had done to me and my wife, I had said that someday karma would get her, and I said that I wanted to see it, although I knew I never would.

     But when I did, in fact, witness karma, it scared the shit out of me. It does exist and it made me rethink the way I go about my life, because I do not want to be paid back for being unkind to someone or something.

     After this whole thing with him dieing, beast has pretty much laid low. We had received the occasional email here, MySpace view there, and phone calls to the house, but it is no where as near the harassment we used to get.

     It has dwindled off to where my wife and I have pretty much forgotten about her, which is so nice.

     I have been able to rebuild my credit enough to where I just bought a house in July, thank God! And I am STILL rebuilding it with hard work and determination.

     If the rest of my blog has been read, it is known that my wife and I are trying to have a baby, also. Something I never thought I would be doing, but am so happy I am.

     All is well thus far, and I am living the regular, everyday American lifestyle, packed full with our kids, activities, and NO MORE DRAMA!!

     Until more shit comes up, this is it…for now.

My Story…Part 65

…..until the winter of  ’08. January to be more specific.

     It was a Friday afternoon when I got my first of MANY phones that late afternoon and early evening. Apparently an ad had been posted on Craigslist for a FREE laptop.

     My cell phone literally blew up with people from all over the Detroit area, giving me their stories of why THEY should be the one to get the computer.

     I asked the callers where they got this idea and they told me they saw the ad on Craigslist.

     I raced home from work, while ignoring 20 calls along the way, to get to my computer to find this ad.

     Sure enough! There was the ad giving away a free laptop to the person I deemed worthy enough to have it.

     And there was my cell number.

     Beast had everything to do with this.

     I began calling back the messages that filled my voice mail box and gave them HER number. I thought two can play this game. If it was funny to unleash the public on me, I turned around and unleashed it on her.

     She did not like this one bit. It took all of 10 minutes after I started calling people back and giving them her number, beast called me and was irate.

     We had a shouting match and then I hung up on her. The next thing I did was change my cell number, yet again because of her, and that ended the calls, from her and these people.

     Then I contacted Craigslist, via email, to complain about the ad. They pulled the ad within 30 minutes. I was highly impressed with their quick response. 

     But apparently once wasn’t good enough for this bitch.

     Two weeks later my house phone began to ring with people looking for a free fucking laptop again!!

     I got back on the computer, found the ad, then wrote a stern email telling Craigslist a few choice things. They immediately pulled the ad, then they sent me the IP address of the computer where these ads originated and they offered to assist in any way they could to keep their site a legitimate and user-happy.

     Kudos to Craigslist!

  After I did some work on finding the originality of these ads, I contacted the owner of the computer, which happened to be a local community college here in town.

     Between the information I received and contacting the college, beast made several calls and sent several emails to me, laughing about what she had done.

     I filed a police report, but all they said was to let the college take care of it.

My Story…Part 64

     My new wife and I kept on receiving the harassing calls and text messages from the beast. It got to the point where I changed my cell number and thought that I had got rid of her for good.


     I went almost a whole 4 months before she was able to get my new cell number.

     She called my daughters’ school, pretended to be their mom wanting to verify the emergency phone numbers, and then started to harass me again.

     It took me about 15 minutes from the time I received the first call to figure this out. She admitted when I confronted her.

     Beast always has had an evil laugh-like roar when she was feeling bulletproof and when she felt like she had won. When I asked her, she answered with this annoying, roar-like laugh.

     I didn’t change my number again for at least another year. I had ignored the calls and I didn’t even set up me voice mail, just to avoid that beastly bitch.

     In the meantime, she called our house and left messages on the voice mail informing me and my wife about how wonder she believed her life was.

     She called stating that she had the perfect man, although he was nothing but a drug addict, wanna-be pretending-to-be recover-er.

     She went on to tell us in other messages how they were planning the perfect marriage somewhere in the tropics, but the funny about that was it was planned for the middle of summer.

     I am not at all bitter, nor do I have any resent toward her, but I hated her. I hated her as each phone call came in. I didn’t realize at first why she had to take the time from her “perfect relationship” to tell me and my wife how she was living the perfect life.

     If she was living so prosperously, then why did she have to tell me? Did she think she was I going to be jealous? Did she try to make me want her back?

     I didn’ t want anything to do with her after I had moved out of her cave of a house a year earlier. I tried to forget she even existed. My wife tried to forget she existed, but for some reason beast found the need to keep on calling and reminding us she was around.

     And that’s what I finally concluded in my questioning of why she keeps trying to have contact with me, and my wife.

     She was miserable. She wanted to try to get information out of us as to what we were up to, possibly to see if we were miserable also. We never did give her any kind of fuel, therefore the constant phone calls.

     Beast even found out we got married by looking it up in some kind of state records. She was very crafty with the Internet and a phone.

     All the harassing went on for a good, steady, year and a half until…..

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