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Stupid British

     Oh look! The British are acting like assholes to prove some kind of point to our visiting President Obama.

     It seems that a riot broke out in London, England where fires were started, and people were stampeded and police had to break skulls to get the crowds under control.

     I think it’s funny and extremely childish whenever citizens of other countries have to make some kind of point when the President of the United States visits. People of foreign lands act like little children who are either very excited they have “company” over, or they are feeling neglected because all this attention in on the visitor.

     Calm the fuck down Brittons! The rest of the world knows your economy and everyone else’s economy is majorly fucked up. Busting shit up and causing a scene isn’t going to solve anything.

     It will, however, show the world what kind of asshole you really are, and maybe you need a time out!


Nice Going Media…AGAIN!!

     What in the hell is the news media’s problem? Are the news outlets so competitive that they will get their story, come hell of high water?

     Why do they need to bum rush someone’s life and dig up little secrets and tidbits? Why do they need to be the first one’s to report on something?

     Why do they not care if they are intruding into someone’s life? Why do the media not give two shits how someone feels emotionally? Why do they not have any remorse for pain an individual or family is feeling?

     Why does the media seem to get frustrated when they can’t get a good bit of information then make up fuzzy facts? Why does the media take these bits of information and run with them and make them seem to be hard facts?

     Why does the media, when they have nothing to new to report, start making false accusations toward an individual or individuals. Why do these false accusations tear down reputations of these individuals? And why, once these accusations are so preposterous, does the media feel the need to cover the explanation given by these individuals as they defend themselves against the media who made this shit up in the first place?

     I think the media is absolutley heartless. I think the media is not compassionate. I think the media makes up stories from stories just so they have something to report, kind of like job security.

     What I am saying has to do with the media’s lack of sensitivity toward John Travolta and Kelly Preston over the death of their 16 year old son Jett.

     When they are ready to talk to press about this, they will. They don’t need to be hounded, ridiculed, spied upon, or have speculations about their parenting or lifestyles.

     The media needs to learn that there will be a story there when John and Kelly are ready to talk, and until then, they need to be left alone so they can mourn and heal peacefully.

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