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Stupid British

     Oh look! The British are acting like assholes to prove some kind of point to our visiting President Obama.

     It seems that a riot broke out in London, England where fires were started, and people were stampeded and police had to break skulls to get the crowds under control.

     I think it’s funny and extremely childish whenever citizens of other countries have to make some kind of point when the President of the United States visits. People of foreign lands act like little children who are either very excited they have “company” over, or they are feeling neglected because all this attention in on the visitor.

     Calm the fuck down Brittons! The rest of the world knows your economy and everyone else’s economy is majorly fucked up. Busting shit up and causing a scene isn’t going to solve anything.

     It will, however, show the world what kind of asshole you really are, and maybe you need a time out!


Things That I Wonder About…

     Is it me, or does it seem that these new younger news reporters on our local tv stations, especially here in Detroit, are gay? Is news reporting the new popular job among gay men?

     If a caller calls in to a radio talk show threatening to commit suicide, is the host of the show responsible for that person’s death because he hung up on the caller, or should he stay on the phone and try to find out where the caller is to get them help?

     How come I can’t get insured by Lloyd’s of London?

     Nepotism! Gotta love it! If you are crooked, as we are seeing from our leaders.

     In 1956, two airplanes crashed into each other over the Grand Canyon. 128 people died, making that the worst air disaster in history at that time.

     Small businesses located in front of big stores do much better business than being located inside a strip mall or standing alone.

     And speaking of strip malls, why can’t there be any that are up close to the street and have parking in the rear?

     Why do black people have the mentality that when an athlete does something great, he or she is suddenly owed tons of money? I ask this because of the Michael Phelps pot smoking ordeal and him losing his endorsements. He is NOT owed anything! He chose this lifestyle, he chose to sign those contracts and he chose to swim. I feel bad the dude is not mature enough to take on such a responsibility, be just because he won 8 Gold Medals does not mean he will immediately get a whole bunch of money. I wish that mentality would go away.

Porn Industry Is Seeking A Bailout

     That’s correct! The multi-billion dollar  money machine, we all are very familiar with, is seeking a bailout from the U.S. government, now too.

     First the U.S. government bailed out the banks by tossing them billions of dollars to keep the whole economic world from crashing down upon itself. No questions were asked, no committees were put together, the U.S. just threw the money at them and said go away.

     Then the Big 3 came to the U.S. government asking them for a bailout, which we now learned is just a huge-ass loan.

     The Big 3 were raked over the coals by Congress. The Big 3 were grilled for the way they spent their money, and were pounded on how they planned to pay the multi-billion dollar loan back.

     Now the porn industry is knocking on the U.S. government door, asking for a $5 billion bailout. Just three years ago, according to a website I found  at, the porn industry made $18 billion!

     That’s a whole lot of orgasms!

     It makes you wonder who will be asking for a bailout next, especially if people trying to find that moment of relaxation and pleasure, aren’t supporting an industry we thought was well off for getting us off.

Nice Going Media…AGAIN!!

     What in the hell is the news media’s problem? Are the news outlets so competitive that they will get their story, come hell of high water?

     Why do they need to bum rush someone’s life and dig up little secrets and tidbits? Why do they need to be the first one’s to report on something?

     Why do they not care if they are intruding into someone’s life? Why do the media not give two shits how someone feels emotionally? Why do they not have any remorse for pain an individual or family is feeling?

     Why does the media seem to get frustrated when they can’t get a good bit of information then make up fuzzy facts? Why does the media take these bits of information and run with them and make them seem to be hard facts?

     Why does the media, when they have nothing to new to report, start making false accusations toward an individual or individuals. Why do these false accusations tear down reputations of these individuals? And why, once these accusations are so preposterous, does the media feel the need to cover the explanation given by these individuals as they defend themselves against the media who made this shit up in the first place?

     I think the media is absolutley heartless. I think the media is not compassionate. I think the media makes up stories from stories just so they have something to report, kind of like job security.

     What I am saying has to do with the media’s lack of sensitivity toward John Travolta and Kelly Preston over the death of their 16 year old son Jett.

     When they are ready to talk to press about this, they will. They don’t need to be hounded, ridiculed, spied upon, or have speculations about their parenting or lifestyles.

     The media needs to learn that there will be a story there when John and Kelly are ready to talk, and until then, they need to be left alone so they can mourn and heal peacefully.

Third-Hand Smoke?

     We all know about first-hand smoke. This is the obvious one, where the person with the cigarette in their hand puts it onto their lips and inhales it deep into the lungs, holds it there for a second or four, then exhales, leaving the smoker feeling a bit of a relaxing, calming buzz.

     Then then there is the second-hand smoke. This is where a non-smoker is in the presence of a smoker. The smoker exhales and blows out smoke into the air, along with the burning cigarette. Air in which the non-smoker inhales.

     Then there is third-hand smoke.

     Third-hand smoke is where the smoke from a cigarette and out of a smoker’s lungs is absorbed into the area where the smoking occurs. It is absorbed into the carpet or upholstery of a car.

     It is absorbed in the carpet or furniture of a living room.

     It is even absorbed into the skin, clothes, and hair of the smoker, and even non-smoker, if they so happen to be in a smoke-filled environment.

     The point I am trying to make is that us parents can be neive when we think that going outside for a puff to hide it from our kids really isn’t hiding jack shit!

     We can come back indoors and when our kids come sit on our laprs or come give us a hug, they are inhaling the third-hand smoke.

     Third-hand smoke consists of all the lovely ingredients contained in cigarettes such as nicotine, lead, ammonia, arsenic and all kinds of other fun things we think we are hiding from our kids, but actually they are ingesting anyway.

     Smoking in your car?

     Those seats you put your babies and other children in, are filled with these toxins from the smoke off cigarettes.

     Just because you think you are hiding the fact you smoke from your kids and think they can’t see you doesn’t mean ass! They are still ingesting it into their lungs and little bodies.

     I am not preaching, I am just trying to get the word out on something I just found out today.

0-16…As Predicted Here!!

     Well the Detroit Lions have done it!

     History was made this afternoon when the Lions lost, again.

     The Detroit Lions have become the first NFL team to lose ALL of their games this season, making them the first 0-16 football team.

     I said it here, in this blog, back in OCTOBER that they were going to lose every single game this year, and I couldn’t have been more correct.

     If you don’t believe me, check it out here… you will see how terrible of a team this is.

     I don’t know too much about football, where I don’t have a radio show, or a sports column, but I DID predict (granted the season was underway) that the Lions would lose all their games.

     I just have a little hope in me by watching the Miami Dolphins, who won only one game last season but are in the playoffs this season.

     See what a year can do?

     But these are the Detroit Lions I am talking about. Nothing will change. Maybe they will win a game or five next season. But I am not getting my hopes up. This has been a terrible franchise my whole life.

     Next season? More of the same mediocre shit, but I want at least 5 wins.

    Who am I kiddin’? HA!

NBA Is the New WWE

     I have been saying for at least 15 years now, that the NBA is the new wrestling. It’s the new WWE.

     The NBA is fixed. The NBA is a script. The NBA is fake.

     All the NBA does is build up all these fantastic scenarios where the league showcases the great match ups between teams and players and does so to keep it’s audience riveted.

     Yesterday’s game between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers is a fine example.

     The two teams in last season’s finals squared off against each other during prime time on Christmas night. The beginning of the self-proclaiming hype by the NBA.

     The Celtics came into the game with a 19 game win streak. A 19 game win streak!! Did anyone honestly think they were going to lose a game from two weeks ago to the present?

     The league needed the Celtics to keep winning to hype this game.

     The Lakers had won 11 in a row at home before defeating the Celtics last night. So the NBA had even more to tout.

     A winning streak was going to end.

     Then for even more NBA drama, Lakers coach won his 1,000 career coaching game, becoming the fastest to the  milestone.

     All this hype. All this drama. All these great and amazing gods roaming the earth, all for us to see when we click on an NBA game.

     This has been going for, like I said, at least 15 years that I know of. Once I realized it, it was hard to NOT notice.

     Don’t get me started on the Michael Jordan era.

     I will leave that for my next post.

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