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Stupid British

     Oh look! The British are acting like assholes to prove some kind of point to our visiting President Obama.

     It seems that a riot broke out in London, England where fires were started, and people were stampeded and police had to break skulls to get the crowds under control.

     I think it’s funny and extremely childish whenever citizens of other countries have to make some kind of point when the President of the United States visits. People of foreign lands act like little children who are either very excited they have “company” over, or they are feeling neglected because all this attention in on the visitor.

     Calm the fuck down Brittons! The rest of the world knows your economy and everyone else’s economy is majorly fucked up. Busting shit up and causing a scene isn’t going to solve anything.

     It will, however, show the world what kind of asshole you really are, and maybe you need a time out!


New Year’s Eve Parties Are STUPID!!!

     I have never, for as long as I was aware of the “ball dropping”, understood why people party on New year’s Eve.

     What’s the point?

     All this celebrating the start of a new year? A new month?

     Why don’t we have these parties on July 31 when July ends and August begins?

     On New Year’s Eve, people  get all bundled up and take to the streets of their major city, and count down with a clock to the new year. Then when the time changes the date changes and then all sorts of noise from noise makers, screaming, shit flying in the air, kissing, and drinking just because the calendar changes.


     What for?

     Too much hype over stupid shit stuff.

Illinois Is Feeling Good, Eh?

     Illinois. Probably the most crooked, scamming, and irritating state in the Union.

     I’ll begin with the sports teams.

    Chicago  Blackhawks. Win just enough games to get into the Stanley Cup playoffs.

     Chicago Bears. Nice run to the Superbowl a couple years ago, just to get bulldozed by a powerhouse.

     Chicago Cubs. All those fans, all the pain, all the agony, all the years that have gone by without winning the World Series. Will they ever?

     Chicago White Sox. I respect the team, not the asshole coach.

     Chicago Bulls. Nice job winning all those championships then disassembling the team when Michael Jordan retired for the 2nd time. I mean the 3rd time. How many times?

     I read in the paper this morning that Illinois governors have been scamming the political system for years. And some of them have been thrown in prison!

     According to The Detroit News, three past governors have served time for being scam artists.

     Otto Kern, in 1973, had to serve time for getting involved in horse racing by arranging dates then getting reduced horse racing stocks. Also convicted of bribery and tax evasion.

     Dan Walker, who, while not seated at the time, was convicted of bank fraud, misapplication of funds and perjury, back in 1987.

     George Ryan is currently serving time for corruption.

     And now we have Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who was trying to sell the vacated seat in the Senate of President-elect, Barack Obama.

     He was recorded, AND HE KNEW HE WAS, taking and asking for offers for, what he called a Golden Seat. He was trying to get the highest bid, and milk a rock for blood, for this vacated seat in Congress.

     He was asking for jobs for himself and he wanted a job for his wife, and he wanted them to be at least 6 figures.

     Some people are calling this a new low for politicians. I just wonder how residents of Illinois feel.

     This happening again to them has got to make them wonder just who the hell they keep electing. All these scam artists running their state.

     The state of Illinois has got to be feeling good about itself tonight.

The American News Media Needs To Calm The Fuck DOWN!!

     I am at my boiling point with the way the American news media is communicating things to us. They are in such a fucking hurry to get out information that is USUALLY WRONG!!!

     I will give two examples that happened just this week that has put me over the edge.

     The first one is the Patrick Swayze news about his pancreatic cancer. We all know he has it, but on Monday, some reports came out about how he was saying goodbye to his family and friends because he was on his death bed.

     Later that day, Swayze had to come out and say that he was fine and that he was NOT on any death bed and that he never said goodbye to anyone.

     Nice going assholes in the media!!

     The second thing that the media screwed up was just today. They claimed that UAW President Ron Gettelfinger was in talks with the Big 3 about opening up all the contracts and renegoting them.

     This was because, according to our great news media here in America, the Big 3 were submitting plans to Congress about how they were going to be spending the money they are asking for. In those plans the Big 3 were going to unite and become the Big 1.

     Nice going assholes in the media!!  

     After the talks in Detroit, Michigan where the meeting took place today, Gettelfinger had to address the media and tell them that that was all bullshit and he was never talking about any kind of merger and he certainly was not talking about a merger of the Big 3.

     The media here sucks! You can’t believe everything you hear from them and that is a shame! They all want to be the first to get the breaking news out to the people. 

     I understand it’s a pride thing. I understand it’s an ego thing. I understand there are awards involved. I understand there is a great deal of money to be earned.

     I went to Journalism school because I really wanted to be one of them. I wanted to write the news and I wanted to have pride in my work.

     But I was going to report the FACTS!!!

     I just wish the media was a little more accountable for their actions and I wish they calmed the fuck down and get the facts straight before rushing to report it.

     I wish they would stop using this “my source says…” excuse every time there is an uprising when something is proved wrong. I believe they use that when they are caught. They are protective of their sources, we may never find out who those sources are, if they even exist.

     This is all I have to say. I feel better for getting this off my chest. This is about to get me motivated to get my ass back in school, get my degree, and do things the right, responsible, and honorable way.

Did You Vote?

     I did. And in doing so, I am given the right to bitch and complain about the way the government is run. It doesn’t matter who I voted for, as long as I did.

     If you voted, you, too, can bitch and complain about the way the government is run. You can complain about the person you voted for, the person who won, the way they think, do things, whatever. You voted. You can.

     On the other hand, if you DIDN’T vote, SHUT THE HELL UP!!! I don’t want ot hear your opinion on anything. If you have no voice in who gets elected, then you have no voice to express your opinion about ANYTHING!!

     When I get into a political discussion with someone, I always ask them if they voted. If they did, then I will carry the discussion. If not, then we are done talking. Simple as that.

     So for those of you who went out and stood in line, and fought the weather, or who just walked right up and made your voice heard, I commend you.

     For those who didn’t? I salute you….WITH MY MIDDLE FINGER!!!

Halloween Bitching

     I am gonna bitch about this year’s Halloween, OK?

     The time change. Why in the hell aren’t our clocks set back an hour already? We should be in Daylight Savings Time! So today, when the kids were all out starting to trick or treat, the damn sun was still lighting up the sky!

     What the hell? Why didn’t these kids just start their pursuit for candy at noon? Or, more reasonably, when they got home from school?

     Thanks alot, you asshole, for changing the weekend we set clocks back!

     Which leads me to this! WHY do we have this stupid Daylight Savings Time? Do we REALLY save daylight hours and use less electricity and energy? Come on.

     All I know is, I remember doing this since I was a teen. It was the same weekend every year. The last weekend of October.

     I don’t care who I piss off with this next statement, but this is gotta be that jerk-off George W.’s idea. He messed everything else up. So I am gonna add this to the list of his fuck ups.

     I guess we will have to do this Halloween thing in the gosh damn daylight a few years to get used to it. All because of our self-absorbed, clueless, egotistical, in-it-for-himself and friends, President Bush!

People Who Need To Go AWAY!!

Jessica Simpson, your fifteen minutes is up. Good bye.

Kwame Kilpatrick, your mayoral days are over. I hope ALL of your political office days are over, too.

Chris Chelios, please stop playing hockey. Your nothing but an old man trying to hold on to your youth.

Branjolina, just go. We get it. Were over it, and over both of you.

Lindsay Lohan, your done. Actually you should not be on this list, but I’m sure you will pop up.

Hillary Clinton, we see you REALLy hate that you got beat and your speeches are pathetic and FAKE!

George Bush, going, going…just don’t screw up one last thing before you leave office. Your successor already has alot of work to do.

William Clay Ford, owner of the Detroit Lions, who needs to DIE before this organization can have any inkling of success.

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