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     I think I may have walked into his room too fast. Too fast to prepare myself for what I had gone there for. It’s as if I purposely threw myself into his room as if I was peeling a band-aid off real fast.

     When I walked into my Grandpa’s room, I saw him laying in his bed. Sleeping. His mouth open, breathing in air, and exhaling. In a rhythmnic way. He had an eye half open, the other was closed. It was as if he was watching the room, but yet he appeared to be asleep, like I remember him sleeping on his favorite chair in the livingroom of his house when I was a kid.

     My grandpa was a big, strong man. Wide shoulders, thick arms, solid body and head full of hair. Not in recent years. Especially not today. Grandpa is all bones now. I had just seen him a couple days earlier. He was thin, of course, but certainly not like this. I don’t know how, but it’s as if he lost even more weight.

     He lay on his bed, in a sack of skin and bones. His ribs clearly outlined in his button-down flannel shirt. His pelvis was visible, as he was holding the bottom of his shirt in his soft fists. His hands were bruised from ivies and shots he received from the past few weeks. Those bruises never healed. His hands, which were big and thick and strong, have given in to age, and deterioration of health, were not my Grandpa’s hands anymore. He is not himself anymore. His age and his dying body now has the best of him.

     My Grandpa lived a healthy, long life. My Grandma passed away just under three years ago. My Grandpa is the last of his generation in my family. He outlived his brothers and sister. He was one of the oldest in his family, and he lived the longest. I think my Grandma has alot to do with it. She kept him in line. She kept him eating healthy. She kept his heart and his affection. She was his beloved wife. She took care of him.

     As I write this, I am saddened that he passed away a few hours ago. I started to write this last night, but could not finish. I loved my Grandpa and my Grandma very much. I wish I had spent more time with them than I did. But I spent alot of time with them nontheless. I have loads of fond memories of times with them. Now they are gone. It’s strange that I lived as long as I have with Grandparents. Most of my friends lost their’s long ago.

     Now they are in a better place. Reunited with loved ones. I know they are having fun. I know they are giving each other those kisses that made me feel funny to see. And I know the family will be ok. Because they will watch over us all, and all will be fine.


My Story…Part 66

     I was in contact with the community college for about a month. They called often, visited my house once, and kept saying they were working on this problem. They also said they would kick beast out of the school if they found her at fault.

     I had been through a lot of shit because of the beast. She was a terrible human being. She is just down right mean and extremely vengeful.

     She destroyed my life for a time being, she tried to destroy whatever I had going after I moved away from her, too.

     She also made it well known to me and my new wife, that she had a “happy new life” and she was “living the perfect life with the perfect man”, although he was a drug user and she tried telling us she had helped him clean up and he was on the straight and narrow.

     Karma is a BITCH!!

     My wife was fiddling around on MySpace one day in February ’08, two weeks after the free laptop on Craigslist fiasco, when she discovered that beast’s boyfriend had died.

     He had a job with a delivery company, and he was down in Ohio spending the night on a delivery, where he scored some cocaine and had over-dosed.

     I was shocked, as was my wife, and since beast was such a master of disguising the truth and lying and manipulating, I started to not believe this.

     But upon further research and newspapers, it was confirmed that he had, infact, over-dosed on cocaine in Ohio.

     Beast had never rehabbed him. She told us lies. She was just trying to tell my wife and I that all was well.

     My wife and I never wanted to hear from beast since the divorce. I never wanted to hear or acknowledge her existence since I moved out of the cave. But for some reason she had to keep calling us and emailing us.

     Well because of how much of an evil, manipulative, mean, dirty, vengeful, and deceiving person she has been all her life, karma caught up to her and bit her on the ass.

     I was freaked out when this news had set in, because after all the dirty and mean things she had done to me and my wife, I had said that someday karma would get her, and I said that I wanted to see it, although I knew I never would.

     But when I did, in fact, witness karma, it scared the shit out of me. It does exist and it made me rethink the way I go about my life, because I do not want to be paid back for being unkind to someone or something.

     After this whole thing with him dieing, beast has pretty much laid low. We had received the occasional email here, MySpace view there, and phone calls to the house, but it is no where as near the harassment we used to get.

     It has dwindled off to where my wife and I have pretty much forgotten about her, which is so nice.

     I have been able to rebuild my credit enough to where I just bought a house in July, thank God! And I am STILL rebuilding it with hard work and determination.

     If the rest of my blog has been read, it is known that my wife and I are trying to have a baby, also. Something I never thought I would be doing, but am so happy I am.

     All is well thus far, and I am living the regular, everyday American lifestyle, packed full with our kids, activities, and NO MORE DRAMA!!

     Until more shit comes up, this is it…for now.

My Story…Part 65

…..until the winter of  ’08. January to be more specific.

     It was a Friday afternoon when I got my first of MANY phones that late afternoon and early evening. Apparently an ad had been posted on Craigslist for a FREE laptop.

     My cell phone literally blew up with people from all over the Detroit area, giving me their stories of why THEY should be the one to get the computer.

     I asked the callers where they got this idea and they told me they saw the ad on Craigslist.

     I raced home from work, while ignoring 20 calls along the way, to get to my computer to find this ad.

     Sure enough! There was the ad giving away a free laptop to the person I deemed worthy enough to have it.

     And there was my cell number.

     Beast had everything to do with this.

     I began calling back the messages that filled my voice mail box and gave them HER number. I thought two can play this game. If it was funny to unleash the public on me, I turned around and unleashed it on her.

     She did not like this one bit. It took all of 10 minutes after I started calling people back and giving them her number, beast called me and was irate.

     We had a shouting match and then I hung up on her. The next thing I did was change my cell number, yet again because of her, and that ended the calls, from her and these people.

     Then I contacted Craigslist, via email, to complain about the ad. They pulled the ad within 30 minutes. I was highly impressed with their quick response. 

     But apparently once wasn’t good enough for this bitch.

     Two weeks later my house phone began to ring with people looking for a free fucking laptop again!!

     I got back on the computer, found the ad, then wrote a stern email telling Craigslist a few choice things. They immediately pulled the ad, then they sent me the IP address of the computer where these ads originated and they offered to assist in any way they could to keep their site a legitimate and user-happy.

     Kudos to Craigslist!

  After I did some work on finding the originality of these ads, I contacted the owner of the computer, which happened to be a local community college here in town.

     Between the information I received and contacting the college, beast made several calls and sent several emails to me, laughing about what she had done.

     I filed a police report, but all they said was to let the college take care of it.

My Story…Part 63

     I eventually moved in with my girlfriend. We had made things work so well that it just felt right. We tested the waters a lot of times, mainly one week over Easter break in 2006.

     She had stayed at my house the entire week. We went to work, and hung out at the house. She stayed the entire week, sleeping, showering, eating. What I am trying to say is she never went back to her place.

     It was a fun week. We really didn’t know what to expect. But it worked. It seemed to always work from then on, too.

     We moved into an apartment a month after my divorce. Our kids all got along, which made this whole arrangement the easier, and proved that this was a good thing.

     On the other hand, my girlfriend and I kept getting threatening calls and emails, and texts from the beast. She didn’t like the fact we were together and she was trying everything to get us to break.

     We didn’t.

     She even had her boyfriend try to get to us, which we thought was a joke. He was always quick to flick me the finger, or talk some kind of shit through the phone.

     My response to him, who was about 6 years younger than beast, was to go do another line, or shoot up in another vein, or do another shot.

     It was always the way my girlfriend and I could defend ourselves after getting harassed to the point where we shot insults back.

     After living with my girlfriend for about 6 months, we got engaged and within 2 weeks got married at a courthouse. We did it as a secret.

     We did not tell anyone. Friends, family, co-workers, nobody knew. They all knew we were engaged and had planned a summer wedding, but had no clue we were thinking of sneaking off and getting married like we did.

     It took about a week and a half before my wife had spilled the beans on accident to her mother. Thankfully her mom was very happy, surprised, but happy for us.

     Everyone else we told were surprised, also. They all liked my wife, and had thought she was a good woman for me. They all said that I needed a good wife, who had respect, and was fun and loving, and that I had finally found her.

     They also told me not to fuck this marriage up. Along with them, I knew how good of a thing I had going.

My Story…Part 62

     I left the court house and I headed directly back to my girlfriend’s house, where she lived at home with her mom. I noticed that, tail grabbing my ass, was Sista Beast, beast, and youngest beastlet in the back.

     I thought to myself, why would anyone bring a crowd to the court house then have them wait in the car, especially your kid? But then, this is the beast’s way of thinking. It’s fucked up, and that is all there is to it.

     When I arrived at my girlfriend’s house, she was outside waiting for me. I had called her on my cell to inform her of this situation. When I pulled in the driveway, the fireworks began.

     I got out of my Jeep and they stopped in the street, rolled down the window, and began to yell the most ridiculous things at us. Remember that my girlfriend was her friend, so they were both a little mad.

     But why?

     The yelled all kinds of dirty language, and threatened us and told us we would be dead, to not get caught by the Sista Beast anywhere or we were dead. Keep in mind, Sista Beast is a very healthy, well fed mammal.

     She stands about 5′ 8″ and tips the scales at around a good 250. She never has worn any kind of makeup to cover her pale skinned, zit-scarred, face that’s as wide as it is long. Her hair has not seen ANY shampoo in who knows how long, so it’s just a big, oily mess.

     And as for her clothes? I don’t even wanna go there. Let’s just say I would hate to be the washing machine once her panties (I almost gagged) are thrown inside and clang the bottom. When she pulls them off, I bet it has the same sound effect as a brown paper bag getting crumpled up.

     Well anyway, these two moronic bitches with a 5 year old girl in the back are threatening us and using horrible language. My girlfriend and I called 911 and upon the phone hitting our ear to talk, they finally drive away.

     We didn’t really call, we faked it, just to make them leave.

     But this was to be the kind of shit my girlfriend I would have to deal with for the next year. We got phone calls, emails, messages left on our MySpace, until we started to block beast from getting to us.

     We ignored all the threats and decided to move in together, a month after the divorce. Our relationship was clicking, and I was totally in love with this girl. I felt like the luckiest man alive, and I felt like I had finally found true love. THIS is what it’s all about!!

My Story…Part 61

     Before I go into the court details, I wanna make it perfectly clear what kind of asshole and manipulator and antagonist my beastly ex wife had been.

     I explained that she needs to have things her way. I have explained how she feels she can never lose, and I am about to explain what kind of living hell she can inflict upon someone who has crossed her. I had been the latest in her cross hairs once I moved out of the cave.

     She told me, and everyone else in her life, that she never loses. When I left and found someone else, she viewed it as a loss, although she had a boyfriend all along. She had to have the upper hand. She had to be the one in control.

     One particular night when I had my girlfriend, her former friend, over to spend the night, I had received a call on my cell from the beast and her friends during their night out at the bar.

     After calling a half dozen times to me not answering, I finally did and we all argued on the phone. Beast, her friends, me and my girlfriend. All taking turns on the phone to bitch each other out.

     She laid down some bullshit asking me how I could be with her friend, her friends at the bar asked me the same thing, then called her names for seeing me.

     Keep in mind all this was happening in the presence of her drug-addicted boyfriend. He was a heroine and alcoholic in recovery. She was taking him to the bars.

     Nice eh? Some support she was to him!

     Then there were the times she drove over to my house and  was looking in windows, and banging on the front door, breaking my shit and throwing it on the porch, and breaking into my house.

     This nasty beast even had the audacity to go over to my girlfriend’s mom’s house and yell at her through her kitchen window, telling her what her daughter was doing and who she was seeing.

     My girlfriend’s mom was a sweet lady who had no right getting involved in this mess. She and I had met, spent times together since I was seeing her daughter, and she liked me. All the beast did was embarrass herself because she was wasting her time and causing a scene.

     When I had to go to court that May 2006, I had to confront the beast on a more polite manner. Beast got her shots in on me about who I was seeing and what I was doing with my life. She told me I was a broke bastard and that I would never amount to anything.

     She told me that the bankruptcy will have me ruined for a very long time and that no one would ever wanna see me because I had no money.

     Beast went on to put down my girls, my girlfriend’s son, and everything else she could think of. She then went on to tell me how her life was perfect and that she had a boyfriend who is from a rich family and that her problems are about gone as far as finances are concerned.

     I then told her that I want her to finish and get out all her comments and questions to me because when we walk out of this court, I never, ever wanna hear from her, see her, or deal with her ever again. I told her we are officially through when the judge slams the gavel and signs the papers.

     We left that court and I drove over to my girlfriend’s house. Unfortunately I had an SUV tail-grabbing my ass the whole way. Inside it was my ex-beast, her youngest beastlet, and beast’s sister, otherwise known as Sista Beast!

My Story…Part 59

     I began to search the house for point of entry. I always keep the doors locked, and I have made it a practice my whole life to lock doors when I leave for any extended period of time. The front door was locked when I came home because I had to use my key for both locks, the knob and dead bolt.

     When I went to the back door, the knob was locked, but the dead bolt was not! That was a clue to me that she got in, but did not leave the same way. She left from this back door because she could not lock the dead bolt from outside unless she had a key.

     Now I had to find the point of entry. I search the windows. I looked for broken glass, expecting to find some in the bedrooms and in the living room. There wasn’t any.

     The bathroom!!!

     I had a shower in a tiny bathroom and on the wall in the shower was a window. It was high up and the lock was on top. I left this window unlocked so my daughters could slide it open when they took showers to let the humidity outside.

     This was also the way the beast had got into my house. The shower curtain was in disarray and there were black smear marks down the wall from the window.

     Her boyfriend, the drug addicted one, was the one who climbed in this window. I figured it all out as I walked outside to see how far he climbed up the wall to get inside.

     He grabbed onto the ledge, slid the screen over and then the window and crawled into the house through my bathroom window. He then went to the back door which was 20′ from this window and let her in.

     She was too fat in the ass to climb anything, so she got him to do it. This was how she got in, then she had free reign of my house.

     They took my iPod shuffle, some compact discs, 3 pages of my rental agreement, and a battery I had in the house for my truck. This asshole meant to take the boat battery which was sitting right next to it, but apparently she could not read with her white-blond hair,  black-framed glasses, silicone tits, fat ass and growing-fatter-by-the-day stomach.

     I called the police, they came by, dusted the place, then I told them I wanted to file a report to where I was hoping she would get into trouble.

     I gave the names of who I believed it was. Apparently her boyfriend had a record because his named immediately popped up in the computer the cop had in his car.

     It was at this time I knew I had to fight this mean, nasty beast of a bitch, but not with words or physically, but with my actions.

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