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     I think I may have walked into his room too fast. Too fast to prepare myself for what I had gone there for. It’s as if I purposely threw myself into his room as if I was peeling a band-aid off real fast.

     When I walked into my Grandpa’s room, I saw him laying in his bed. Sleeping. His mouth open, breathing in air, and exhaling. In a rhythmnic way. He had an eye half open, the other was closed. It was as if he was watching the room, but yet he appeared to be asleep, like I remember him sleeping on his favorite chair in the livingroom of his house when I was a kid.

     My grandpa was a big, strong man. Wide shoulders, thick arms, solid body and head full of hair. Not in recent years. Especially not today. Grandpa is all bones now. I had just seen him a couple days earlier. He was thin, of course, but certainly not like this. I don’t know how, but it’s as if he lost even more weight.

     He lay on his bed, in a sack of skin and bones. His ribs clearly outlined in his button-down flannel shirt. His pelvis was visible, as he was holding the bottom of his shirt in his soft fists. His hands were bruised from ivies and shots he received from the past few weeks. Those bruises never healed. His hands, which were big and thick and strong, have given in to age, and deterioration of health, were not my Grandpa’s hands anymore. He is not himself anymore. His age and his dying body now has the best of him.

     My Grandpa lived a healthy, long life. My Grandma passed away just under three years ago. My Grandpa is the last of his generation in my family. He outlived his brothers and sister. He was one of the oldest in his family, and he lived the longest. I think my Grandma has alot to do with it. She kept him in line. She kept him eating healthy. She kept his heart and his affection. She was his beloved wife. She took care of him.

     As I write this, I am saddened that he passed away a few hours ago. I started to write this last night, but could not finish. I loved my Grandpa and my Grandma very much. I wish I had spent more time with them than I did. But I spent alot of time with them nontheless. I have loads of fond memories of times with them. Now they are gone. It’s strange that I lived as long as I have with Grandparents. Most of my friends lost their’s long ago.

     Now they are in a better place. Reunited with loved ones. I know they are having fun. I know they are giving each other those kisses that made me feel funny to see. And I know the family will be ok. Because they will watch over us all, and all will be fine.


Uh oh!

Look who’s warming up!
I have some things I want to get off my chest.
Coming soon….

Things That I Wonder About…

     Is it me, or does it seem that these new younger news reporters on our local tv stations, especially here in Detroit, are gay? Is news reporting the new popular job among gay men?

     If a caller calls in to a radio talk show threatening to commit suicide, is the host of the show responsible for that person’s death because he hung up on the caller, or should he stay on the phone and try to find out where the caller is to get them help?

     How come I can’t get insured by Lloyd’s of London?

     Nepotism! Gotta love it! If you are crooked, as we are seeing from our leaders.

     In 1956, two airplanes crashed into each other over the Grand Canyon. 128 people died, making that the worst air disaster in history at that time.

     Small businesses located in front of big stores do much better business than being located inside a strip mall or standing alone.

     And speaking of strip malls, why can’t there be any that are up close to the street and have parking in the rear?

     Why do black people have the mentality that when an athlete does something great, he or she is suddenly owed tons of money? I ask this because of the Michael Phelps pot smoking ordeal and him losing his endorsements. He is NOT owed anything! He chose this lifestyle, he chose to sign those contracts and he chose to swim. I feel bad the dude is not mature enough to take on such a responsibility, be just because he won 8 Gold Medals does not mean he will immediately get a whole bunch of money. I wish that mentality would go away.

Here’s Some QuickPress For Ya!

     Congress is raking the Big 3 over the coals because they pissed the country off when they just handed over money to the banks with no questions asked.

     Plaxico Burress made a complete asshole out of himself. Good luck getting picked up by another team next season. Maybe he and Michael Vick can start their own team.

     Sean Avery? Dude. What was he thinking? He smarted off for the last time and now he got popped. Too bad for that self-loathing, egotistical, self-promoting, cocky, wimpy little piece of shit. I don’t feel sorry for him.

     Ozzy Osbourne? Those commercials for Samsung Propel? BRILLIANT!! BILLIANT!!! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!

My Story…Part 61

     Before I go into the court details, I wanna make it perfectly clear what kind of asshole and manipulator and antagonist my beastly ex wife had been.

     I explained that she needs to have things her way. I have explained how she feels she can never lose, and I am about to explain what kind of living hell she can inflict upon someone who has crossed her. I had been the latest in her cross hairs once I moved out of the cave.

     She told me, and everyone else in her life, that she never loses. When I left and found someone else, she viewed it as a loss, although she had a boyfriend all along. She had to have the upper hand. She had to be the one in control.

     One particular night when I had my girlfriend, her former friend, over to spend the night, I had received a call on my cell from the beast and her friends during their night out at the bar.

     After calling a half dozen times to me not answering, I finally did and we all argued on the phone. Beast, her friends, me and my girlfriend. All taking turns on the phone to bitch each other out.

     She laid down some bullshit asking me how I could be with her friend, her friends at the bar asked me the same thing, then called her names for seeing me.

     Keep in mind all this was happening in the presence of her drug-addicted boyfriend. He was a heroine and alcoholic in recovery. She was taking him to the bars.

     Nice eh? Some support she was to him!

     Then there were the times she drove over to my house and  was looking in windows, and banging on the front door, breaking my shit and throwing it on the porch, and breaking into my house.

     This nasty beast even had the audacity to go over to my girlfriend’s mom’s house and yell at her through her kitchen window, telling her what her daughter was doing and who she was seeing.

     My girlfriend’s mom was a sweet lady who had no right getting involved in this mess. She and I had met, spent times together since I was seeing her daughter, and she liked me. All the beast did was embarrass herself because she was wasting her time and causing a scene.

     When I had to go to court that May 2006, I had to confront the beast on a more polite manner. Beast got her shots in on me about who I was seeing and what I was doing with my life. She told me I was a broke bastard and that I would never amount to anything.

     She told me that the bankruptcy will have me ruined for a very long time and that no one would ever wanna see me because I had no money.

     Beast went on to put down my girls, my girlfriend’s son, and everything else she could think of. She then went on to tell me how her life was perfect and that she had a boyfriend who is from a rich family and that her problems are about gone as far as finances are concerned.

     I then told her that I want her to finish and get out all her comments and questions to me because when we walk out of this court, I never, ever wanna hear from her, see her, or deal with her ever again. I told her we are officially through when the judge slams the gavel and signs the papers.

     We left that court and I drove over to my girlfriend’s house. Unfortunately I had an SUV tail-grabbing my ass the whole way. Inside it was my ex-beast, her youngest beastlet, and beast’s sister, otherwise known as Sista Beast!

Ok. Yeah. NOW It Decides To Snow!?!?!


     I want to start out saying that I absolutely love the winter and I love all that comes with it…cold weather, really cold weather, snow, getting cozy with my wife under the blankets, snow, and the cold weather.

     Did I mention snow and cold weather? I would rather it be cold outside than it be 100 degrees, 100% humidity, and being just plain miserable.The heat sucks! You can never take off ALL your clothes to get comfortable, but in the winter, you can always layer up.

     I speak like this because I work outside, all year long. Winter, spring, summer and fall. I am never inside doing work at a desk. My office is a truck, with a trailer and a Ditch Witch. The truck is complete with heat in the winter and ZERO air conditioning in the summer. The company I work at has the air removed from all it’s fleet vehicles. But this is another story.

     But I am gonna bitch, just a little bit right now. It’s snowing is ass off right now out side my window. I am bitching because I have been off from work for the last 10 days recovering from my vasectomy surgery. I have to go back to work tomorrow.

     In this weather!!

     It didn’t snow hardly at all the past week and a half, but now it decides to snow?!?!? Before I have to go back? This is crap!! I am gonna have one hell of a commute tomorrow morning, my first day back.

     Why could it not have snowed LAST night? Not now and into the night! We are expected to get 6-9 inches of the stuff.

     Oh well. I gotta get back into the daily grind some how. I guess this is a crash course.

    Oh great!! I said “crash”! I hope I get to and from work OK in the traffic. I hate superstitions.

Halloween Bitching

     I am gonna bitch about this year’s Halloween, OK?

     The time change. Why in the hell aren’t our clocks set back an hour already? We should be in Daylight Savings Time! So today, when the kids were all out starting to trick or treat, the damn sun was still lighting up the sky!

     What the hell? Why didn’t these kids just start their pursuit for candy at noon? Or, more reasonably, when they got home from school?

     Thanks alot, you asshole, for changing the weekend we set clocks back!

     Which leads me to this! WHY do we have this stupid Daylight Savings Time? Do we REALLY save daylight hours and use less electricity and energy? Come on.

     All I know is, I remember doing this since I was a teen. It was the same weekend every year. The last weekend of October.

     I don’t care who I piss off with this next statement, but this is gotta be that jerk-off George W.’s idea. He messed everything else up. So I am gonna add this to the list of his fuck ups.

     I guess we will have to do this Halloween thing in the gosh damn daylight a few years to get used to it. All because of our self-absorbed, clueless, egotistical, in-it-for-himself and friends, President Bush!

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