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     I think I may have walked into his room too fast. Too fast to prepare myself for what I had gone there for. It’s as if I purposely threw myself into his room as if I was peeling a band-aid off real fast.

     When I walked into my Grandpa’s room, I saw him laying in his bed. Sleeping. His mouth open, breathing in air, and exhaling. In a rhythmnic way. He had an eye half open, the other was closed. It was as if he was watching the room, but yet he appeared to be asleep, like I remember him sleeping on his favorite chair in the livingroom of his house when I was a kid.

     My grandpa was a big, strong man. Wide shoulders, thick arms, solid body and head full of hair. Not in recent years. Especially not today. Grandpa is all bones now. I had just seen him a couple days earlier. He was thin, of course, but certainly not like this. I don’t know how, but it’s as if he lost even more weight.

     He lay on his bed, in a sack of skin and bones. His ribs clearly outlined in his button-down flannel shirt. His pelvis was visible, as he was holding the bottom of his shirt in his soft fists. His hands were bruised from ivies and shots he received from the past few weeks. Those bruises never healed. His hands, which were big and thick and strong, have given in to age, and deterioration of health, were not my Grandpa’s hands anymore. He is not himself anymore. His age and his dying body now has the best of him.

     My Grandpa lived a healthy, long life. My Grandma passed away just under three years ago. My Grandpa is the last of his generation in my family. He outlived his brothers and sister. He was one of the oldest in his family, and he lived the longest. I think my Grandma has alot to do with it. She kept him in line. She kept him eating healthy. She kept his heart and his affection. She was his beloved wife. She took care of him.

     As I write this, I am saddened that he passed away a few hours ago. I started to write this last night, but could not finish. I loved my Grandpa and my Grandma very much. I wish I had spent more time with them than I did. But I spent alot of time with them nontheless. I have loads of fond memories of times with them. Now they are gone. It’s strange that I lived as long as I have with Grandparents. Most of my friends lost their’s long ago.

     Now they are in a better place. Reunited with loved ones. I know they are having fun. I know they are giving each other those kisses that made me feel funny to see. And I know the family will be ok. Because they will watch over us all, and all will be fine.


To Write a Script

     I have been itching to write a movie script for quite some time now. I think it would be awesome to have that work go into production and then end up in a movie theatre or on TV.

     I have so many ideas floating around in my head. They are all dramas, and I am thinking one of them could end up on Lifetime Movie Network.

     The kind of life I have lived, the experiences I learned and the people I have met, give me a whole lot of good ideas for this endeavour.

     I have always been open to the idea of collaborating with someone who knows the format of just how a script should be written. There are real strict criteria in which it needs to displayed on paper. If it’s not, then nobody will give the script a chance because the format is wrong.

     I have been studying websites that contain loads of information on how to write a script. There are even programs to download for a fee, that will aid in the proper writing of a script.

     I even  found one website that gives you the space and the programming is already there for free, to write your own script. The thing is, I think it was shut down, because I can not find it anymore. What sucks more is I had started one on there. It’s gone now.

     I will start another one, and I will try my best to have it written the proper way, and I will keep an ear and an eye out for anyone willing to help, or who needs help, and maybe together we can pound out the next dramatic movie that will entertain moviegoers, or  captivate couch potatoes within the next years ahead.

If You Write It, Can You Say It?

     I read a post in someone’s blog just recently, and they brought up the whole topic on how bloggers can write anything at all about people or events.

     They also said that certain bloggers tend to hide behind their blogs because it’s a way for them to express themselves in a way they would never do to a person’s face.

     Well I am here to say that whatever I have written here in the past, and I have written ALOT, and whatever I will write in the future, I am willing to say in person to anyone.

     I am not afraid to hide behind what I slap down in these posts and I would say the same to the people I am writing about.

     I feel that if something has to be said, it will be said.

     Yes, I may tiptoe around certain things, because I have been known to tiptoe around in person to people, knowing full well things are touchy, and I can respect that.

     But if something needs to be said about someone, or if someone needs to be called out on something, damn it I will do it!

     I also WANT to be called out, too. Let me hear about it! If I have screwed up something in person, I always have an open door to hear criticism about my decisions.

     Believe me! I have heard ALOT about shit I have done from my close friends and family. I like to keep those type of people around to keep me on the straight and narrow. If they were not here, who knows where I would be?

     So if anyone reads any of these posts and feel I need an ass-chewing about anything at all, any criticism, or just want to put me down, let me have it!

     Because whatever I see happening in the world, I will express myself here, because it’s my way of getting the emotion off my chest, and if that person reads this, I want them to know if I could, I would say it in person.

The American News Media Needs To Calm The Fuck DOWN!!

     I am at my boiling point with the way the American news media is communicating things to us. They are in such a fucking hurry to get out information that is USUALLY WRONG!!!

     I will give two examples that happened just this week that has put me over the edge.

     The first one is the Patrick Swayze news about his pancreatic cancer. We all know he has it, but on Monday, some reports came out about how he was saying goodbye to his family and friends because he was on his death bed.

     Later that day, Swayze had to come out and say that he was fine and that he was NOT on any death bed and that he never said goodbye to anyone.

     Nice going assholes in the media!!

     The second thing that the media screwed up was just today. They claimed that UAW President Ron Gettelfinger was in talks with the Big 3 about opening up all the contracts and renegoting them.

     This was because, according to our great news media here in America, the Big 3 were submitting plans to Congress about how they were going to be spending the money they are asking for. In those plans the Big 3 were going to unite and become the Big 1.

     Nice going assholes in the media!!  

     After the talks in Detroit, Michigan where the meeting took place today, Gettelfinger had to address the media and tell them that that was all bullshit and he was never talking about any kind of merger and he certainly was not talking about a merger of the Big 3.

     The media here sucks! You can’t believe everything you hear from them and that is a shame! They all want to be the first to get the breaking news out to the people. 

     I understand it’s a pride thing. I understand it’s an ego thing. I understand there are awards involved. I understand there is a great deal of money to be earned.

     I went to Journalism school because I really wanted to be one of them. I wanted to write the news and I wanted to have pride in my work.

     But I was going to report the FACTS!!!

     I just wish the media was a little more accountable for their actions and I wish they calmed the fuck down and get the facts straight before rushing to report it.

     I wish they would stop using this “my source says…” excuse every time there is an uprising when something is proved wrong. I believe they use that when they are caught. They are protective of their sources, we may never find out who those sources are, if they even exist.

     This is all I have to say. I feel better for getting this off my chest. This is about to get me motivated to get my ass back in school, get my degree, and do things the right, responsible, and honorable way.

Something All Bloggers Should Read

Pearls Before Swine

Pearls Before Swine

I read this last week and it made me think of all of us bloggers out there. Thank you very much, Stephan Pastis, creator of “Pearls Before Swine”.

‘Stolen Innocence’ book

     Well here it is that time again where I am sitting down and racking my brain to think of a topic to write about. I know I am in the middle of a story about myself, but I can’t feel it right now. I don’t want to just throw something up in a post when I know it will suck when it pertains to getting on with my story.

     I usually think all day about what I plan on writing at night. If I am really thinking hard about what to say about my life story, I will plan on how to go about moving it along. I have time at work to think about these things because I ride around in a truck all day from job to job.

     But today, and yesterday, I have been reading a book called ‘Stolen Innocence’ by Elissa Wall. I found this book at…dare I say…Target when I got bored with my wife’s shopping for bedroom decor. Yes I know I wrote about how hard it is for a man to be there. It is! So I wandered to the media section.

     I found this book ‘Stolen Innocence’ and picked it off the shelf because the cover made me curious. I has this little girl on it, who is wearing a long sleeve dress. She looks like, what I thought, an Amish girl. I was wrong.

     Upon reading the jacket, she is from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or FLDS. Apparently she is now grown up and wrote this book about what her life was like living this lifestyle she was born into.

     Then I noticed the pictures in the middle and read the captions under each one of them. Very, very interesting. As I finished, my wife said that she heard this book was very good. So I bought it.

     I have been glued to it ever since. It has taken my mind off my blogging ideas for a while. But obviously I have found some thing to blog about…that book!

     I highly recommend it! It is a good hard look into the lives of these people through the eyes of the author, Elissa Wall. It shows just how faithful they are to their God and to their families and their prophets.

     Amazing that this stuf goes on. If anyone reads this blog and has, or is, reading that book, please drop me a comment. I wanna know what you think.

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