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Things That I Wonder About…

     Is it me, or does it seem that these new younger news reporters on our local tv stations, especially here in Detroit, are gay? Is news reporting the new popular job among gay men?

     If a caller calls in to a radio talk show threatening to commit suicide, is the host of the show responsible for that person’s death because he hung up on the caller, or should he stay on the phone and try to find out where the caller is to get them help?

     How come I can’t get insured by Lloyd’s of London?

     Nepotism! Gotta love it! If you are crooked, as we are seeing from our leaders.

     In 1956, two airplanes crashed into each other over the Grand Canyon. 128 people died, making that the worst air disaster in history at that time.

     Small businesses located in front of big stores do much better business than being located inside a strip mall or standing alone.

     And speaking of strip malls, why can’t there be any that are up close to the street and have parking in the rear?

     Why do black people have the mentality that when an athlete does something great, he or she is suddenly owed tons of money? I ask this because of the Michael Phelps pot smoking ordeal and him losing his endorsements. He is NOT owed anything! He chose this lifestyle, he chose to sign those contracts and he chose to swim. I feel bad the dude is not mature enough to take on such a responsibility, be just because he won 8 Gold Medals does not mean he will immediately get a whole bunch of money. I wish that mentality would go away.


Ain’t That Some Shit?

     Do something really bad and then get rewarded for it when in all actually a serious price needs to be paid.

     And the icing on the cake? All parties involved see nothing wrong with this!!

     Ain’t that some shit?!?!

This Winter Is Taking Forever

     I am the first person to quickly admit that I love winter. I love the cold. I love the snow. I love the coziness of the house.

     But this winter seems to be very long this season. More so than usual.

     I have been shoveling snow almost daily. I wrap myself up in layers of clothes to work and run outside. I even get up early to start my wife’s car and clean her windows off before she leaves for work.

     But now I am about to complain about this winter.

     I have been getting up extra early to fight the snow-covered freeways on my 40 mile commute to work. They don’t get plowed as often as they have in the past due to our state being in a financial crisis and the counties cutting back on expenses. Obviously the plow trucks are included.

     I am amused by people who work just minutes from home, if they work at all, and hear them bitch about the winter and the driving.

     Why are they complaining? Where do they earn the right to complain? They don’t do shit!!

     But I realize this is only January. We are in the middle of the coldest period this season. The temperature is supposed to dive down under zero tonight.

     I will wait this out. I will enjoy it when I am home and not having to go out in it and I will cuddle extra close to my wife during these cold nights.

     I just hope spring doesn’t take too long getting here.

     That damn groundhog better not see his damn shadow, that’s all I got to say!

What Do You Mean I’m Too Big?!?!

     I hurt my elbow at work last week and I filed paperwork about it with my supervisor, just to cover my ass in case it’s seriously screwed up.

     He asked me if I would be interested in seeing the company physical therapist before I go to the clinic. You see, people who get hurt immediately wanna run to the clinic and work it so they can have time off.

     I’m not like that. I wanted to try to “walk it off”. But it continued to hurt, right through the weekend. So I agreed to go see the physical therapist, who I went to today.

     He asked me several questions about how I hurt it, what kind of work I been doing since I hurt it, then he asked me what I do outside of work as far as keeping in shape.

     I told him that I run and that I am working on training to run in another marathon.

     Then he hit me with…

     “You’re too big big to be a runner!”

     What the hell?

    Here are my measurements. I stand at 6’4″ and I weigh 225. I am not fat, I have been losing weight in the past 3 months that I have been running again, and I am determined to drop more pounds and add up more miles.

     But his comment threw me for a loop! Who the hell is he to say such a thing? I ran a marathon, I ran cross country in high school, and I was All-State in track!

     Too big?

     He said that taller and bigger people aren’t made for running. Something about the knees. I know this. I have fought off a few knee problems, a few ankle problems, and I came out all right.

     This is just going to make my determination even stronger to prove, to yet another person, that I can do this.

     By the way, he gave me some exercises to work out my elbow problem and it’s starting to feel better already.

The Next Industry To Ask For A Bailout Is…

     …going to surprise you. It is an industry that we all think is doing well because we Americans need some kind of entertainment, some kind of stress release, some kind of get-away from the real world for just one day.

     But if I say who it is, will we really be surprised?

     The banks got money to help them out. The Big 3 asked and received, and then the porn industry asked, and their answer is not out yet.

     I believe the amusement park industry is next!

     Cedar Point, Six Flags, Frontier City, and even Disneyland are just a few who I think will be asking for a bailout.

     If people can’t afford to buy the basic things in life, why would they spend an average of  over two hundred dollars per family of four, to spend a day getting thrown around on roller coasters, getting wet in a thunderous river, or eating countless pounds of cotton candy and hot dogs?

     I just expect the amusement park, or theme park, industry to go next. This is what I’m putting my money on.

     If I had some to bet.

To Write a Script

     I have been itching to write a movie script for quite some time now. I think it would be awesome to have that work go into production and then end up in a movie theatre or on TV.

     I have so many ideas floating around in my head. They are all dramas, and I am thinking one of them could end up on Lifetime Movie Network.

     The kind of life I have lived, the experiences I learned and the people I have met, give me a whole lot of good ideas for this endeavour.

     I have always been open to the idea of collaborating with someone who knows the format of just how a script should be written. There are real strict criteria in which it needs to displayed on paper. If it’s not, then nobody will give the script a chance because the format is wrong.

     I have been studying websites that contain loads of information on how to write a script. There are even programs to download for a fee, that will aid in the proper writing of a script.

     I even  found one website that gives you the space and the programming is already there for free, to write your own script. The thing is, I think it was shut down, because I can not find it anymore. What sucks more is I had started one on there. It’s gone now.

     I will start another one, and I will try my best to have it written the proper way, and I will keep an ear and an eye out for anyone willing to help, or who needs help, and maybe together we can pound out the next dramatic movie that will entertain moviegoers, or  captivate couch potatoes within the next years ahead.

A Few New Ideas And One Stolen

     I have been thinking lately about a few things and I want to pour my ideas out on here. I am curious about what kind of reaction they will bring out in people.

     First, the idea of Pussy Roulette. I was thinking that this could be a new term for a dude who is screwing around by banging a bunch of different chicks behind their backs.

     Sooner or later one of them will find out what’s going on and then the whole charade will come to an immediate halt because she will inform the other or others of what this dude is doing. Thus the name, Pussy Roulette.

     Second idea has to do with Halloween costumes. Mainly ones having to do with professional athletes who have been in trouble recently.

     Michael Vick football jersey, all chewed up, torn up, dirty and bloody, resembling a dog fight you attempted to step into the middle of.

     Plaxico Burress pants with a gun in the pocket and two holes through a pant leg with blood dripping from them. Don’t forget to wear a lot of bling and have plenty of cash, since the gun is supposed to protect you and your bling and cash at a nightclub.

     Charles Barkley shirt rolled up over belly and pants unzipped with lipstick on the fly from the blow job.

     Third idea, instead of buying stars from Rocky Mozell and his Star Registry crap, why not buy a droplet of water. Maybe in the form of a raindrop or a snowflake. Just like the star, you will never see it again, but your money was easily spent on an idea you thought was good at the time.

     And my fourth idea has to do with collegiate athletes. Why can’t one be a total stud and come out of college, sign a huge contract with a team and as many sponsors as he can? When the contract is over, never play again and use the excuse of how all he ever wanted to do was make a ton of money and then live off it for the rest of his life.

     Maybe my mind needs to take a break for a while.

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