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Extra-Marital Affair Poll

If you could have an affair and know, 100% positively know for a fact, that you could pull it off without your spouse EVER finding out….would you do it??

My Story…Part 54

     We sat in my living room, on my borrowed couch talking and having fun. We drank a few more beers after the rude interruption by the beast. I had an uneasy feeling go through me shortly after the phone call, but for the most part, I felt pretty comfortable.

     My beast wife’s friend, who now had become my friend, and I sat on opposite ends of the couch. We had the TV on and we talked more in depth of the events that had transpired over the past few weeks.

     The main topic of conversation was what had happened the week before, when I feel, she thinks I made an attempt to bring our new found friendship to a higher level.

     The previous Friday was a day of absolute chaos. The friend of the beast and now mine, was borrowing a cell phone from the beast. This cell phone happens to have been the property of beast. The friend had her plan run out, and she needed a loaner. So beast, being a friend, lent her one. The thing is, beast was watching all her activity on the cell provider’s web page.

     Beast saw that a lot of her calls and texts were to me, and beast insisted, on this particular Friday, to have the phone back. She called her friend up at her work and told her to give it back to her that day, or she would get revenge on her. She also told her she was very pissed off about the amount of time the two of us spend talking to each other.

     The friend tried to explain to the beast that she can’t give it back yet, because she needs to get a new cell company, then she will give her the cell back.

     Beast did not want excuses, she wanted the phone. The phone was a symbol of how she was losing control of her and her soon to be ex husband. Getting that phone means we could not communicate anymore. Beast ended up going to her friend’s work office, and made a complete scene in front of people working there.

     Beast was driven up there by her boyfriend, whom she was having HER affair with. Once she got out of the car, she met the friend in the lobby and began yelling at her. The friend was totally embarrassed and gave her the phone. At this point, beast had the upper hand.

     My line of communication was cut off from her and since she did not have the time to write down numbers from that phone’s phone book, she lost me.

     I had figured something bad had happened, because it was hours since I heard from the friend. I called information and got a hold of her. The whole ordeal was explained to me, and together we decided to not let beast get between us.

     It seemed the harder the beast tried to tear us apart from being friends, the more locked together we were becoming. I had even went up to her work later that day, and asked her if she wanted to go to a concert with me that night. I had just been given two tickets for free, and she was the first and only person I thought of asking.

     I told her we would go strictly as friends. It was not a date. She was blown away that I had asked such a thing, and she said she would have to think about it, and she would let me know in an hour. The clock was ticking because the show started a couple hours later.

     I told her to call me when she figures out what she was going to do.

     I didn’t leave her my number. She didn’t have it. It was in the phone, the one back in possession of the beast!

My Story…Part 41

     It was late January of ’06 when I was in the middle of a half-ass affair and my beastly wife was in one also, although I could not prove it…yet.

     I was miserable and so was she. She always was. Even before we met. I was just too stupid to realize it. I thought she would change. People don’t change, though. They kind of morph or hide things until they can’t hold it in any more and then you realize what a total turd you married.

     I was blinded by the mission I was on to get remarried and prove that I was marriage material. I admit that I settled. And I settled for this female I would eventually hate with my entire being, even today.

     That was why I rushed into marriage with her. I didn’t think. I just wanted to do what I thought would make me happy and make me look like I had a grip on things. The reality was I would become more miserable, caught in a trap, and I had zero control of my life.

     During this time with her made me realize how easy it is for people to kill each other. Yes, I am trying to funny, but I am kind of serious too.

     She aggravated me to where I had never been so aggravated, agitated, irritated, angry, pissed off, furious, depressed, introverted, irate, and any other kind of stressed out and negative feeling a person can experience.

     How can someone have zero compassion and zero brains and smarts and think that the world revolves around them? That they think they can do whatever the f#$k they want and there will be no repercussions?

     I am speaking mostly of her total lack of responsibility of money. I was dead broke when I left had finally left her. And that was when she found out I was cheating on her.

     My beastly exwife was extremely crafty with the computer and the internet. She literally could get information on anyone, anytime with just a little bit of knowledge of the person. But since we were married, I was easy.

     She looked up my cell phone bill calls and saw a strange number. She called it. A girl answered. She confronted her. She then called me and asked me who she was.

     I was at work, and hearing my beastly wife use this other girl’s name and asking me who she was caught me off guard. I quickly denied everything. I was in shell shock. The beast also had her best friend on the other line in a 3-way call. So what my exwife did was perform an Oscar winning role in front of an audience when she confronted me.

     As soon a I got off the phone with her I called the girl I was having the affair with. She apologized to me and said she didn’t know what was going on. I was not mad. I was not sad. I began to feel, for the first time in almost 4 years, a weight being lifted off my shoulders.

     The clouds were beginning to part, and I saw a ray of light in my life. The end was near and my freedom was about to be delivered. But like everything else with this biotch of a wife, it would come with a hefty price.

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