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My Story…Part 38

     My second wife worked in an industry where she had received her bachelor’s degree. It was in a field where she helped people. She jumped from job to job and workplace to workplace. She was constantly looking on line for her next job, even right after she had got a new one.

     She had told me that she met a woman, in the same field, who made a ton of money. She had a virtual empire in the county where we lived. So my greedy ex thought she would tap into that field and make the kind of money her “idol” made.

     It was quickly obvious to me that this was not a money maker she made it out to be. She never built up enough credentials in one place and she was sometimes unemployed because things “didn’t work out” for her.

     I could only work so many hours a week. Overtime was a rarity and money was always tight. If we were lucky enough to have any.

     We were always hiding our Durango in the garage because the bank constantly called to repo it. We were not making our house payments. We were not paying her dad frequently enough either.

     At one point I was on the phone with him explaining to him, again, that we could not afford anything and we were not paying for anything, and how he should have never have pushed us to buy that house.

     He was amazed by the news he heard. Apparently he was being lied to. Imagine that! He said to do what we could and I told him we were heading for bankruptcy.

     Bankrutpcy was the LAST thing I wanted to do. But the new law was nearing for how bankruptcies were going to be handled, so I felt I had no other choice. We HAD to file.

     I was mad as hell about doing it, but we hired a lawyer and it was on. I thought that after this was over, I was going to divorce her. At least I would have a “new beginning” with a clean slate of credit.

     I entered this marriage with sterling credit. Those days were long gone. Creditors constantly called, the Durango was in trouble, the mortgage was never paid.

     We tried to make deals with these places, but that no use. After the second payment in these new deals, we were right back where we started, broke, and not paying for anything.

     So the bankruptcy was our final move. We filed everything EXCEPT the Durango and the house. We went to court, then waited the few months for the finalization and the our credit was wiped clean. But it was severely bruised.

     I felt like a loser. The only thing that kept my head up was that I knew I was done with this beast of a wife. I entered the marriage with great credit, and now I was firm to not let her get anything anymore.

     She had told me that she never wanted a divorce, that anything can be worked out, and that we were to be together forever.

     For the last year of the marriage, I had other ideas. And I made it very obvious to her that I wanted out, and I would do whatever I needed to do to get out and as far from that beast as I could.

My Story…Part 1

     I have lived a life so out of the norm, that if you told me 16 years ago I would go through what I have been through, I would have laughed in your face and walked away. At 35 years old I would have 2 children, been married 3 times, and filed for bankruptcy all while being a good father that has a good, steady, prosperous job?? Bullshit, dude!  

     I am starting this blog because I feel like I have one hell of a story to tell and I think that people will be able to use it for many various reasons. Like for a couple of examples being entertainment, strength, or to just see that maybe they don’t have it as bad as they think. 

     The grass is always greener just around the corner? In my case it was! But I had one crazy path to follow and I had to turn that “corner” twice! But believe me, it was all worth it! Where I am at today and with who I am spending the rest of my life with? I would never change in a million years! I plan on getting into ALL the details as I post. 

     My personal goal is to post daily a little something about what has happened in as close to the sequential order it occured. I will also post present happenings too. Life is still happening. It didn’t stop. So there will always be things to share.

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