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     Isn’t it nice that the weather is finally changing from that terrible heat to cooler autumn days?

     Isn’t it great that football season has finally began?

     Isn’t it ridiculous that cigarettes are so unhealthy yet such a hard habit to break?

     Is it really a surprise that the Detroit Lions suck again?

     Is it a fire-able offense when talking to a fellow co-worker on personal cell phones during work hours and calling that person a racial slur when the person next to that person is of that race and can hear what was said?

     Doesn’t it suck that there aren’t that many hours in the day?

     Doesn’t it suck that the day doesn’t end fast enough?

     Isn’t it crazy that in 15 weeks Christmas will be upon us?

     Do we really spend enough time with our kids?

     Don’t you wish we could stop time and keep our kids at the age they are at so they don’t have to deal with the real world and you can keep them safe forever?

     Is it really that big of a deal that Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant and not married?

     Is that big a deal that Tom Brady hurt his knee and is out for the rest of the season?

     How old is too old to start a rock band?

     Is it ok to believe that you are going to have sex with your spouse years from now when you’re both old and wrinkled up?

Just A Question…Or More

     Is it wrong to post several times a day? I think not. But I would like opinions. How are you supposed to remember the events happening all day and then post them in the evening?  

      Are we gonna find out years down the road that certain soda pops are bad for us? Mainly Mountain Dew? I am so addicted to it it hurts. Yeah I drink Coca-Cola also, but that damn Mountain Dew has that certain kick that gets me going. Cigarettes were cool for years til it was figured out that they were killing people off. I also heard all the rumors that the artificial color formula in Mountain Dew is supposed to shrink a guy’s manhood (if you know what I mean). I believe that to be just rumor. I have been drinking the stuff for 20 years. If the shrinking was true, I’d be sitting down to take a pee by now.

      Why is it that every summer when a big time movie comes out, some fast food joint has to sponsor it and glue that particular movie’s actors and scenes all over everything from the fry holder, cups, wrappers and sometimes the damn fast food building itself?!?! Look, I get it. All the money and endorsements and convenient product placement in movies is cute. But please stop ramming Indiana Jones down my throat when I go to Burger King. The least these places can do is go back to real drinking glasses for it’s customers. Remember when they did that? 

     Speaking of fast food and other products, does anyone actually win those contests when we peel back the stickers? Yippee!! I won a free small fry! Or a free small pop! I already bought that stuff. What I wanted to win was the Hummer! Or the huge-ass plasma tv!! Ok, maybe I’ll settle for the cash. If people actually do win, why don’t we ever hear about it? 

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