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My Story…Part 66

     I was in contact with the community college for about a month. They called often, visited my house once, and kept saying they were working on this problem. They also said they would kick beast out of the school if they found her at fault.

     I had been through a lot of shit because of the beast. She was a terrible human being. She is just down right mean and extremely vengeful.

     She destroyed my life for a time being, she tried to destroy whatever I had going after I moved away from her, too.

     She also made it well known to me and my new wife, that she had a “happy new life” and she was “living the perfect life with the perfect man”, although he was a drug user and she tried telling us she had helped him clean up and he was on the straight and narrow.

     Karma is a BITCH!!

     My wife was fiddling around on MySpace one day in February ’08, two weeks after the free laptop on Craigslist fiasco, when she discovered that beast’s boyfriend had died.

     He had a job with a delivery company, and he was down in Ohio spending the night on a delivery, where he scored some cocaine and had over-dosed.

     I was shocked, as was my wife, and since beast was such a master of disguising the truth and lying and manipulating, I started to not believe this.

     But upon further research and newspapers, it was confirmed that he had, infact, over-dosed on cocaine in Ohio.

     Beast had never rehabbed him. She told us lies. She was just trying to tell my wife and I that all was well.

     My wife and I never wanted to hear from beast since the divorce. I never wanted to hear or acknowledge her existence since I moved out of the cave. But for some reason she had to keep calling us and emailing us.

     Well because of how much of an evil, manipulative, mean, dirty, vengeful, and deceiving person she has been all her life, karma caught up to her and bit her on the ass.

     I was freaked out when this news had set in, because after all the dirty and mean things she had done to me and my wife, I had said that someday karma would get her, and I said that I wanted to see it, although I knew I never would.

     But when I did, in fact, witness karma, it scared the shit out of me. It does exist and it made me rethink the way I go about my life, because I do not want to be paid back for being unkind to someone or something.

     After this whole thing with him dieing, beast has pretty much laid low. We had received the occasional email here, MySpace view there, and phone calls to the house, but it is no where as near the harassment we used to get.

     It has dwindled off to where my wife and I have pretty much forgotten about her, which is so nice.

     I have been able to rebuild my credit enough to where I just bought a house in July, thank God! And I am STILL rebuilding it with hard work and determination.

     If the rest of my blog has been read, it is known that my wife and I are trying to have a baby, also. Something I never thought I would be doing, but am so happy I am.

     All is well thus far, and I am living the regular, everyday American lifestyle, packed full with our kids, activities, and NO MORE DRAMA!!

     Until more shit comes up, this is it…for now.


A Craigslist Ass-Kissing

     I didn’t know too much about Craigslist until the past 8 days. It is a pretty good little site to get things, ANYTHING, you may need or want.

     In my learnings about this miracle-working website, you can buy, sell, start bands, get a job, hire, volunteer, chat, get news, get services, and get laid near or in your hometown, in any part of the world.

     I put my Jeep up for sale last week Saturday, and sold it Friday! The past two days I have been frantically searching, calling, emailing, and driving to and test driving everything I was interested in, until I found what I wanted this afternoon. 

     In the meantime, while I was trying to sell my Jeep, I was answering emails, returning people’s phone calls, and setting up meeting times for them to see my Jeep. I even had a chick offer to fuck me, which DID NOT make my wife happy AT ALL!!

     My friends all thought that was a hoot that selling a vehicle could get someone laid. This is where I learned about the sleazy side of Craigslist, the personals. Crazy!

     But I gotta give it to Craigslist and their ease of getting the job done. Much easier than dealing with that damn eBay, and it’s FREE!!

     Thank you Craigslist! Mission accomplished!!

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