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Colts vs. Lions

     I have been saying all season long that the Detroit Lions will lose every game. So far they have proved me to be good.

     Today, in little more than an hour, actually, the lowly Lions will play the Indianapolis Colts in Indianapolis.

     Colt’s quarterback, Peyton Manning is one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks, and I am looking forward to seeing him pick the Lions defense apart.

     This game will be the equivalent of a 20-something guy playing Madden football against some 5 year old kid who has never seen a video game before.

     The Colts are going to run the score up and just totally destroy the Lions.

     So here’s to an 0-14 record for the Lions this season after this game. Next week the New Orleans Saints come to Ford Field to play Detroit in their last home game. The following week the Lions go to the Frozen Tundra to play Green Bay Packers.

     Can you smell 0-16 yet? I can!!


Dominic Raiola!! Right Back At Ya!!!

     Detroit Lions center, Dominic Raiola is in a bad situation right now. The veteran football player blew his lid on Sunday, giving the finger to his fellow Lions fans, who were at home at Ford Field.

     The Lions are 0-13, on their way to an NFL worst, and first time ever, 0-16 season. The fans are frustrated with this team, the coaches, and the ownership.

     They expressed themselves toward the Lions bench, specifically at Raiola.

     When Raiola had had enough of the taunting and the bad mouthing and catching the blame, he fired the finger at the ornery crowd.

     Well, I am here to give it right back at him! It’s not our fault that the Lions totally and absolutely suck ass! We want a good, professional football team that is, in the very least, competitive.

     But since we don’t have that, fans are going to let the bench hear about it. Raiola did not need to be an asshole by stooping down to our frustration and express his own at the expense of a crowd who is paying their hard earned money in a weak  Michigan economy, when times are hard for everyone.

     So Mr. Raiola…..


                                          RIGHT BACK AT YA!!!

An Envious Detroit Lions Fan

     My stupid, lost, clueless, losing, over matched, under talented, over coached, out played, and pitiful Detroit Lions are 0-9. I have said this in some previous posts, and I will say it again…They WILL NOT WIN ANY GAMES THIS SEASON!!

     I am envious of the city of Baltimore. Why? Because they were lucky enough to have their football team sneak out of town in the middle of the night and go somewhere else. Indianapolis, to be exact.

     I wish the Lions would do the same. Then in a few years we would get a new team in here and all would be good.

     The state of Michigan can actually lose this team to some other place on the map. I do not think anyone would care. We have plenty of extremely talented and invigorating college teams in the area that we fans are whole-heartily into. So the Lions leaving town would not make a bit of difference.

     What about watching NFL? Good question.

     It is a very, widely known fact, that Lions fans are the ONLY fans with an NFL franchise who actually have a second team to root for. Personally I have 3, the Steelers, Broncos, and Packers.

     This “other” team is kind of like a mistress while the Lions are our spouse. The spouse makes us miserable, it’s a real chore to watch them, and they really don’t make us get off when something good happens because nothing good ever does happen. The spouse teases, but does not quite finish us off.

     The “other” team being the mistress, is who we really get into. They never disappoint, because we know what we have here at home, and nothing is as bad as that. So us fans venture out, or across the channels, to see how the other is doing, and we really enjoy ourselves.

     Losing this Lions team to another city would not make us flinch, we would just get more deeply involved with our “other” teams.

    So in conclusion, anyone want a “pro” (i use that word loosely) football team?

Another Sunday, Another Lions Loss

     Well they did it again. The Detroit Lions lost another game, on their way to a perfectly shitty season and an 0-16 record.

     They were never really in this game against the Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson had a great day of running the ball against the Lions pathetic defense.

     I am writing this at 10:45 am the morning before this game. How do I know the outcome? Who doesn’t? It’s the Lions!! They suck, and hopefully this is the last season of this bullshit. I hope next year is better, I really do.

     But I feel they have to hit rock bottom before they really turn the corner. They are kind of like an addict who needs to be shown hell before they realize how bad they are before they can get better.

     If this outcome today is different then what I said, it’s because Vikings quarterback Gus Frerotte, or whoever plays, threw for a bunch of yards because the Lions were able to contain Peterson. YEAH RIGHT!!! BWA HA HA HA!!

     But whatever happens, the Lions are keeping consistant with another loss today. MARK MY WORDS!!!

Detroit Lions Suck

     Mark my words…the Detroit Lions WILL NOT WIN A GAME THIS SEASON!!!

     I only wish I had written this after the first game and not now, after the forth game.

     If they keep the same coaching staff they WILL NOT WIN A GAME THIS SEASON!!!

     If they change quarterbacks they WILL NOT WIN A GAME THIS SEASON!!!

     The ONLY thing that makes this null in void is if the Detroit Lions…NAH!!! NOTHING will make them win. No matter what THEY do. I just hope some team doesn’t take them lightly…NAH!!! Every team will beat them. I can’t think of a scenario that they could win. I just can’t!

     The Detroit Lions WILL NOT WIN A GAME THIS SEASON!!!

Just Some Things Running Through My Mind

     Michigan State Spartans are going to run all over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Saturday. Fatso Charlie Weiss thinks his leg is is his only problem? Wait until halftime. The guy is gonna be sweating profusely!

     Autumn is finally here. Colors are not changing just yet, but the chill in the air is gonna be here until next May. I used to not like the heat of the sun and cool air, but this year it is quite enjoyable. I don’t know why.

     The Detroit Lions should just pack it in this season. I have a funny feeling they are not gonna win a game. Everyone thought Miami Dolphins were bad last year. Just keep an eye on the Lions.

     I am dead tired. I tried to re-do something on this blog and now I am writing when I should be in bed. And I wonder why I can’t fall asleep on Sunday nights. At least I can snooze a little while riding around in the truck at work on Monday.

Just Some Moronic Thoughts

     I think that all those people who made the mistake in buying huge trucks and SUV’s should not punish the rest of us by driving slow in the fast lane just to save gas! Get in the far right lane where you belong or buy a new car!

     Why do old, retired men sit just inside their garages and watch the neighbors? It kind of makes me mad because A.) I still have work and responsibilities B.) I don’t like being entertainment as I carry in groceries, come home from work, etc. and C.) Do you really get tired of watching the news, Love Boat reruns, and Matlock? Crap! I have nothing to look forward to now when I retire!

     Why do companies get these new computer systems and say they are great and brag about all the money spent to get integrated and teach their employees how to use them, and then the whole system crashes and you never can get a hold of anyone to help you out to fix problems? They act like cockroaches in light when all hell breaks loose.

     The Detroit Tigers are not making the playoffs this year. I have painfully come to realize this.

     The Detroit Lions never will. I always know this. My dad was a little kid the last time they won anything.

     What are bed pillows made of that gives wives headaches and make them immediatley fall asleep when their husbands come to bed looking for sex?

     Is being a straight guy who likes Maroon 5 an oxymoron or irony?

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