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My Story…Part 1

     I have lived a life so out of the norm, that if you told me 16 years ago I would go through what I have been through, I would have laughed in your face and walked away. At 35 years old I would have 2 children, been married 3 times, and filed for bankruptcy all while being a good father that has a good, steady, prosperous job?? Bullshit, dude!  

     I am starting this blog because I feel like I have one hell of a story to tell and I think that people will be able to use it for many various reasons. Like for a couple of examples being entertainment, strength, or to just see that maybe they don’t have it as bad as they think. 

     The grass is always greener just around the corner? In my case it was! But I had one crazy path to follow and I had to turn that “corner” twice! But believe me, it was all worth it! Where I am at today and with who I am spending the rest of my life with? I would never change in a million years! I plan on getting into ALL the details as I post. 

     My personal goal is to post daily a little something about what has happened in as close to the sequential order it occured. I will also post present happenings too. Life is still happening. It didn’t stop. So there will always be things to share.

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