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My Story…Part 3

     As I attended Ferris State University, my dad had made arrangements with a friend of his to get me a job for the summer. This was unbeknownst to me. My plan was to finish up my first year of college and get home, take a break for a while from responsibilities, then maybe go find a job.

     My dad had other plans for me.

     When the last semester ended, my mom and stepfather came to pick me and all my belongings up from school. I made prior arrangements with them for this to happen and also made plans on staying with them while I “took a vacation” from life.

     It took 3 days into this great plan when my dad called and asked me when, exactly, it was that I was planning on coming home.  I told him some bullshit story that he saw right through. Plus he got irritated. I had lived with him before I left for school, I came home to his house on breaks, and now he wanted my ass back at his house because he was not about to let me live with my mom if he was paying for my college tuition.

     Plus, like I said, he had other plans for me.

     I left my mom’s house the next day to get back home to my dad’s. After I got all settled in, he told me he wanted me to get a job, and be working, by the end of the week. He explained to me that if I wanted to keep going to Ferris, I needed to make some money to lessen the burden on him and his finances. He also mentioned that if I didn’t make the attempt to help him out, that I would be going to some local college.

     THE HELL WITH THAT!!!! Going away to school was way too cool. I wasn’t going to some “loser” college. Needless to say, that lit the fire under my ass and I got a job and started that job the next day.

My Story…Part 2

     I attended Ferris State University during the 1991-1992 school year. It was some good fun going there. I really learned alot about life in that short school year. I learned what I wanted to do with my life, because upon arrival on campus, I had no clue yet.  I wanted to be a journalist. I wanted to write the stories the newsanchors read on television.

     I also learned how to live on my own but in a little room with a complete stranger who I became friends with fairly quickly because most of the stuff in that dorm room was his and if I wanted to use any of it without bringing my crap up to school and further cluttering the room, I needed to play nice! He was a good guy. It’s too bad me and my suitemates abused him the way we did one particular drunk night. Shame on those guys!!

     And speaking of drunk, I also learned how to drink. I mean REALLY drink. One, and only one example of the learning I experienced was shooting back Tequila. It included courage, peer pressure, loud music, a fifth of Jose Cuervo, shot glasses, and the desire to get good and fucked up in a hurry for whatever we were doing that night.

     We lined up about 5 of 6 shots of Jose on our bathroom sink. With salt on thumb, we licked, shot back as many of those glasses in a row then hovered the toilet…just in case. Fortunately no one ever hurled their’s back up. And yes! We could make it all the way down the line of those glasses after a couple of weekends of playing this game. By the end of the school year, I was doing it without the salt and without the lemon and without the security of the nearby toilet.

     That school year was a really fun year. I made some really good friends I wish I had stayed in contact with. The main reason contact was lost was because I didn’t go back. It was my choice. I was to room with this one guy and his phone number was the only one I had going into that summer. We were supposed to make plans on what we were to bring back the following year. I called him only once. It was to inform him that I wouldn’t be returning. He invited me up to visit. I never did. THAT I regret doing. I never talked to him again after that call . 

     I hope all my friends accomplished the great things they were going to school for. If they didn’t? Then I hope they love what they are doing instead, and maybe one day they can reach those goals. I am still striving for mine.

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