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Colts vs. Lions

     I have been saying all season long that the Detroit Lions will lose every game. So far they have proved me to be good.

     Today, in little more than an hour, actually, the lowly Lions will play the Indianapolis Colts in Indianapolis.

     Colt’s quarterback, Peyton Manning is one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks, and I am looking forward to seeing him pick the Lions defense apart.

     This game will be the equivalent of a 20-something guy playing Madden football against some 5 year old kid who has never seen a video game before.

     The Colts are going to run the score up and just totally destroy the Lions.

     So here’s to an 0-14 record for the Lions this season after this game. Next week the New Orleans Saints come to Ford Field to play Detroit in their last home game. The following week the Lions go to the Frozen Tundra to play Green Bay Packers.

     Can you smell 0-16 yet? I can!!


Brett Favre Is Playing The Perfect Game

     Brett Favre has devised a game plan and is executing it with precision and aggressiveness.

     In my opinion, Favre does not want to play for the Green Bay Packers anymore. He is grateful to the ownership, the fans, and the organization, but he wants out.

     This whole press conference thing he played out on March 3 was just the big entrance, the beginning of his departure from Green Bay.

     He cried, he thanked everyone and talked about the typical things all these sports stars talk about when they retire. But it was all for show.

     I believed it until the conference was over. Then I felt like there was something behind this. Either he has some sort of personal problem, or he wants out of the Packers. Plus, he never submitted his retirement papers! If someone is seriously retiring, those papers are signed and submitted to the league.

     If you watched that last game in the NFC Championship game in Green Bay (where it was colder than a witch’s tittie in a brass bra) you could see the defeat in his face. The frustration. And the aggravation.

     He wants to keep playing football because he still knows he has it in him, but he wants to do it where it’s warmer. Can you blame the guy? He’s 39!

     He wants to play in a warm climate on a team that has a chance to compete for and in the playoffs. Unfortunately for him, that team is not his decision. The Packers will deal him to a team in the AFC or to a team that is not going to hurt the them in the next couple of years.

     So he is executing this plan as well as can be, but some things he still needs help with, and Green Bay will gladly assist, just to rid themselves of this headache once and for all.

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