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People Who Need To Go AWAY!!

Jessica Simpson, your fifteen minutes is up. Good bye.

Kwame Kilpatrick, your mayoral days are over. I hope ALL of your political office days are over, too.

Chris Chelios, please stop playing hockey. Your nothing but an old man trying to hold on to your youth.

Branjolina, just go. We get it. Were over it, and over both of you.

Lindsay Lohan, your done. Actually you should not be on this list, but I’m sure you will pop up.

Hillary Clinton, we see you REALLy hate that you got beat and your speeches are pathetic and FAKE!

George Bush, going, going…just don’t screw up one last thing before you leave office. Your successor already has alot of work to do.

William Clay Ford, owner of the Detroit Lions, who needs to DIE before this organization can have any inkling of success.


Barack Obama And Michael Richards

     As we all know by now, unless someone has been living under a rock, that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is touring the United States in a quest for the top job in all the land.
     He has finally beat out Hillary Clinton, his Democratic counterpart, and is now in a head-to-head battle with Republican presidential candidate John McCain for the White House.
     In a scheduled campaign stop in California later in the summer, Obama is to be introduced to the masses by Michael Richards.
     Richards is most famously known for his role as the whacky Cosmo Kramer on the hit television show “Seinfeld”, for which he won 3 Emmy Awards.
     The public is going to ask itself why in the world are these two people going to be together, on stage, doing a public appearance, especially during a campaign run for the Presidency.
     The answer is quite clear, actually. All we need to do is read between the lines. Obama needs as many votes as he can get. He needs the “white” vote as well as women votes. Having Richards there with him will help raise support from these two major groups, and it also shows that Obama has the support of Hollywood in his corner.
     Michael Richards is a comedian who had a mishap almost 2 years ago in a Los Angeles comedy club when, after two African-American men were heckling him, he said some unflattering remarks back at them.
     Richards and Obama are showing the nation and the world that although there is a sort of racism in the United States, all CAN be well and forgiven and if there is to be a change in the country’s mentality toward different races, it is going to start with them.
     This country does not need anymore racial tension, and the public appearance featuring Obama and Richards will show that ignoring one’s race and showing forgiveness is the bigger thing to do than look and the color of one’s skin or hold a grudge.

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