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A Debate On Sex

     I want to start a debate, not for myself, but for the men who don’t know when, or even IF their women have orgasms.

     Also for the women, whose men could learn from this, as to what he needs to do to help her out a little.

     I heard a tease today, for a local morning radio show,  who will discuss, on Monday, a study that shows that 70% of men do not know if their women orgasm.

     I am no stud, so don’t think I am on a soapbox, but WTF! How can they not know?!?

     I am asking that comments be left by both sexes explaining two different things:

     1.) Men! Do you honestly think she had an orgasm? What clues did you have to reveal that she did?

And, if she didn’t, what was her excuse? Does she fake the same way every time?

     2.) Women! DO you orgasm when having sex? If not, why fake one? What needs to be accomplished or done by your man to achieve the ultimate climax?

     Like I said, I find it hard to believe that a whopping 70% of men have zero clue that women orgasm, and I want this to be a lesson for both sides, in a playful, educational way.


A Sex Poll

     I am writing this to get a few questions answered.  I have a few curiosities and a controversy has started in certain households that revolve around sex.

     I am asking, both men and women, how many times a week is enough sex? And by sex, I mean having an orgasm, by whatever means it takes.

     This topic about having sex always comes up from radio, to couples, to friends. I just would like to see the comments from both sexes as to what is a sufficient amount of orgasms in a week?

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