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My Story…Part 57

     Which brings me back to the part where I had my new female friend over at my newly rented house. We drank some beers, smoked a few cigarettes and called it a night. She went home uneventfully. I turned the lights out, and got ready to sleep by watching TV on the couch in the living room.

     The next time she came over was two days later. I felt we had grown much closer than ever since she was over a mere 48 hours earlier. I also felt that the relationships we had with the beastly wife of mine, and her friend, was growing quickly apart. We still had a beast to deal with, but she was becoming more of an object to discuss and deal with, more than an actual human being.

     The Friday night she came over, I was again nervous. Why still? I did not know. We got some beers, we rented “Walk The Line” and chilled out that night at my house. We drank some beers, smoked some cigarettes, got good and buzzed, and then….

     There comes a time in every blossoming relationship when the guy and girl will break that sexual tension with a slick move. This particular night, two moves were made. One, innocently by me, the other, not so innocent, by her.

     We were watching TV in the dark on my couch. I, on one end, her on the other. I offered her to stretch her legs out across the couch and onto my lap. I totally meant no harm in it. I was trying to be nice since she was looking all balled up with her feet tucked under her butt.

     So she stretched them across to my lap. I sat there, continuing to drink my beer, when she started to make her move, with her feet. It all went from there.

     For a lot of the time that I had been married to my beastly wife, I had always had an attraction to her friend. She was totally hot, good personality, and she genuinely seemed like a good person. On top of all this, I had thought about her in a sexual way.

     There were occassions when she was in a time of not having had sex, and my beastly wife would offer ME up to have sex with her. I always thought that I would do it without ever thinking twice. But it makes one think, why would beast offer her husband up to her best friend to have sex with her? What kind of wife and friend is that? Weird.

     But when she started to make her move this particular night, it was on. I was not thinking twice. I had really intended to be friends with her, and I fully knew that if we had sex, everything would be different.

     And it was.

     We spent more time together. She stayed the night more regularly, and we just absolutely hit it off. We told our kids about the other, and they were real excited, especially my girls. They told me they had always liked her, and they were happy for me. This made it all the easier, and it made it all feel right.

     But this situation was a ticking time bomb as far as the beast was concerned….


USC And Oregon State

     University of  Southern California Trojans and Oregon State Beavers played a college football game last night. USC lost to Oregon State 27-21.

     A #1 team, the Trojans, lost to an unranked Beavers team. I like it. The mighty Trojans fell…empty.

     What do I mean by empty? Get your mind INTO the gutter for a minute.

     Let me put this in a very sexual way, since this game had sexual innuendos all night. The Beavers had a defence that tried to prevent the Trojans from penetration.

     If the end zone is a pussy, and the Beavers are a chick who has one job to do, and that is to keep everything out of itself, it’s defence worked, and the Trojans were not allowed to win the game.

     Oh, the Trojans penetrated just long enough, but there was no celebrating, because they knew they had a lot of work to do. They were behind all game long. The Beavers did a fine job of defending itself.

     So, this is what I am trying to say about how Trojans fell empty. No celebrating because they just did reach that moment of release. The Beavers put up a great fight and kept them out all night.

     Now the Trojans will go home, disappointed, and hurting and needing to regroup. The Beavers are releived that they were not exploited and mentally hurt or raped by a Trojan team who should have had theor way with a Beaver all night, but didn’t.

     Trojans empty, Beavers relieved.

My Story…Part 18

     I had been surfing around the internet and visiting different sites when I would stay the night over at my former inlaws house. I started to go into chat rooms. I was shy at first, just kind of going in and seeing what the fuss was all about.

     There were all kinds of different categories to choose from in chat rooms that AOL provided. Every kind of topic from sexual in nature to lifestyles to religious beliefs to hobbies. Someone in some part of the world created a room and people with the same interests and likes were in there chatting with other people that shared this common bond.

     I created my little profile, being very vague because I was shy, and I entered them. Saying things here and there at first, to see if I even existed in the room. It was experimentation. It was also fun to see my name scroll up the chatting dialog while people were making their comments.

     I kept saying things to see if anyone would even respond to what I said. It was fun when at long last, somone replied to a remark I made. It meant, to me, that it worked! That I was in there for real. I was in awe over the whole idea of being able to communicate with people over the internet with just words that were written out as if on a typewriter. It was the coolest to me.

     The fact that whole conversations could be held with whole groups of people from anywhere in the country or in the world were gathered together in a “chat” with just words, and having meaningful, and intelligent conversations, was mindboggling.

     I had been chatting in the rooms for a few weeks, each time getting more confortable with some people and just having fun with it. I was recognized in some rooms by my screen name by people who I had chatted with before. We always greeted people we chatted with before when they entered the room. It was like my own little group of secret friends.

     Nobody knew in my physical life I was going in these rooms. I was embarrassed because to me only losers did this type of thing. I used to put these kinds of people down. I thought they had no lives if they had to make friends online. 

     But I quickly realized the fun in it. I had the addiction. I needed to get online more to chat it up. And for me to be able to do this, I needed to keep it secretive if I wanted to continue to use the computer at my former in-laws house.

     I had earned a great deal of trust from my former in-laws when they let me use the computer. When I stayed at their house, I would go to the basement. They thought I was going to bed. I was actually getting online to feed my addiction and adrenalin. It was all my secret. Nobody knew what I was doing. 

     I would stay up really late into the night. One night I went to bed around 4 in the morning. I was so mad at myself, because I started work at 7:30, but I could not get off the computer. And everytime I finally did get to bed, I told myself that that was the last time. I was getting a feeling that I would get caught. But when nobody said anything to me or questioned me, it relieved me to know that I had, yet again, gotten away with it.

     But I began to get more curious with this whole concept of online chatting as the weeks wore on and as I chatted more and more. And we all know the old saying about curiousity. This cat was about to get into serious trouble.

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