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Vasectomy Reversal ‘Patience’

     Yes! I spelled that correctly…patience…because, like Tom Petty sang, “…the waiting is the hardest part…” or so I hope.

     My wife and I have put down a deposit on the vasectomy reversal operation. We also have been playing a bit of tug-of-war with the office who is doing the procedure, because we are impatient.

     We were originally scheduled for October 22 for just the consultation, but had that moved. Actually it was moved BACK, to November 4.

     Why, you may ask, did the consultation date get moved back? Because we switched doctors and to fit into the present doctor’s schedule, it got moved back, but the actual operation date got moved up a whole month, from December 19 to November 21.

     We are very antsy for this. It’s all we have been talking about. Today, actually we really didn’t speak too much of it, because it makes us too anxious.

     We feel we are getting ahead of ourselves when we discuss baby names. My wife is the one who comes up with great names, but I am too picky, and I shoot the them down for one reason or another.

     So this is the latest on where we are with the plans. I have stopped smoking, totally, so as to help me build up a good sperm army. I don’t want anything negative working against me. I want to control as much as I can, because the uncontrollable things are already at work.

Getting Back In Shape

     This morning is the first day of me trying to get back in shape. I am a mess and I feel like I am rotting away at the age of 35. I need to change my lifestyle.

     About ten years ago I ran a marathon and I was in the best shape of my life. I trained for nearly two years for that run. Along the way, I ran in races of higher mileage just to test myself to see if I had it in me. A 10-mile race in Hell, Mi verified that I had it. That race consisted of hills, dust, dirt roads, and extremely high humidity under a sun-filled sky. When I crossed the finish line, the marathon I wanted to run was starting to become a reality.

     But that was all ten years ago. Alot has changed since then. My life, my health, my lifestyle, my eating habits. I even smoked! That was terrible. I have just quit that. I realize now what the addiction is. I have sympathy toward smokers who try to quit. It IS a bitch!

     I ran 2 miles today. 2!!! I used to run 6 daily. With my eyes closed! Barely breaking a sweat!

     Not today though. I felt like crap. My legs felt heavy. It felt like I had cinderblocks on my feet. It was sort of hard to breathe. But I made it. My goal was just 2 miles, and I succeeded.

     In my experience with running, I have learned that you need to start out slow. Let the body get used to this new activity. It can be very strenuous when your not used to the constant pounding of feet, and learning how to breathe again.

     Yes, I said learning to breathe. There is a calming rhythmn all runners learn to relax themselves and make the exercise or race, whatever they are participating in at the time, more enjoyable.

     I am in that stage right now. Stage one, learn to take care of your body by stretching properly, eating healthy, and getting plenty of rest by going to bed at a reasonable hour.

     There is alot work ahead of me. ALOT! But I feel like I have another marathon in me. I have to dig through alot of garbage (fat, sore muscles, getting in shape) to get to that goal. I also have to pace myself. If I go to quickly with my training and running harder than I should, I will get hurt. So it’s on. This is day one. Countless to go.

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